Jennifer Nicole Lee: Angela’s Gift to You This Thanksgiving

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bill-swift - November 23, 2012

Jennifer Nicole Lee. Faptastic bikini adjustments, Boobtastic, Sextastic, Asstastic, MILFtastic.

For our final giving thanks holiday shoutout, we could not resist our fairer-sex EgoReader 'Angela' reciting some of our very own favorite made-up words ever, and so ever appropriate when describing Jennifer Nicole Lee, the former BBW turned public temptress with the super toned all-over body, and definitely not afraid to show it.

Look, the world needs uptight moms to keep some kind of balance I suppose, but it also needs crazy exhibitionist hottie mothers like Jennifer Nicole Lee, else this damn planet would never get populated.

Check out ten of our more delicious pictures of JNL and see if you don't feel like making some offspring of your own. Enjoy.