I’m Most Definitely in Lust With Joanna Krupa

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bill-swift - November 26, 2014

As you know, my definition of true lust is falling hard every time you see a girl and she's fully dressed. That's a big emotional commitment on my part, even though I'm obviously imagining her nekkid. Joanna Krupa definitely fits into that category for me. Even before I had the chance to have her in my office for an intimate exchange of sadly only words, I was pretty much heels over head for this lovely nordic beauty. And since then, well treble the effect.

Just seeing Joanna back in Poland kicking it up business woman style has my cockles warming as if over an open flame. Though I'd not recommend doing that literally with your cockles unless you're highly experience and you have some kind of flame retardant device handy. She's just one stellar good looking woman who happens to hate bras. If she wasn't married to a guy who looks like he came off the cover of Swarthy Male magazine, I do believe we could be happy together. Maybe we still can be, assuming he doesn't know how to throw an axe with great aim. Enjoy.