Gisele Bundchen Lingerie Pictures Assure Her Spot at the Top of the WAG List

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bill-swift - February 15, 2012

Remember a couple weeks ago when we all made fun of Gisele Bundchen for calling out the wide receivers on the New England Patriots for dropping several of her husband's passes in the Super Bowl? Remember when we thought that football commentary, least of all finger pointing, right after the game was simply not the place for a sports wife?

Yeah, I don't remember any of that either, not now that the entirety of my memory banks have been erased and replaced with images of Gisele Bundchen in her Fidelia lingerie pictorial. Super damn damn. Just look at this woman. Don't tell me you wouldn't let this woman say whatever she wanted to say if she was sliding into your bed each evening after work.

'Oh, Tom, I'm sorry, did I embarrass you in front of your friends?'

'No, baby, not at all. Now how about we take the rest of those clothes off.'

Something like that. Enjoy.