Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen Asstastic In Denim

Oh, Gisele Bundchen. You who have made our hearts and pants get excited for so many a year. You look really hot in denim. No, seriously, look how amazing her booty looks. She even looks hot in those overalls and no one has looked sexy in overalls since 1993. It helps that she’s just wearing a bra. But let’s face it, Gisele could wear a potato sack and I’d still like to give her the most thrilling three minutes of her life. Gisele’s boobage is something special. If there was a hall of fame for boobs, (and there should be), where bronze casts hang on walls to commemorate greatness in boobosity, then Gisele would definitely be there. But it’s all about her booty in these pics.

Come to think of it there should be a booty hall of fame too. Or maybe just a hottness hall of fame. Yeah. This idea is brilliant.

Photo Credit: W Korea

Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? Oh, Gisele In Her Panties, Rihanna Grinding Girls, and Charlotte McKinney Crazy Swimsuit Cleavage

People often ask me, how do I have the time to watch the latest hottest web videos when I am so busy being partially employed AND running my charity home for runaway teenaged girls with the potential for future modeling. It’s all about time management. Starting with rising by ten am. That’s really the key. And the hardest part of what I do.

But you are beneficiary, for the quintet of videos I’ve been watching here most recently rise to the level of epic sextastic. Short, but sweet, and definitely all of them must-see. You know, if you happen to find the world’s most alluring women mostly undressed to be worthy of your own time. Try on, Gisele Bundchen modeling her own panties and garters and bras, Rihanna grinding and touching women and men on stage in her Dutch concert (I’m pretty sure you can’t do that in the U.S., ashame), Charlotte McKinney crazy hot cleavetastic in her Vanity Fair shoot, Stella Maxwell, Martha Hunt, and Elsa Hosk, the wicked amazing blonde bombshells of Victoria’s Secret in lacy panties, and Hannah Davis flubbing her lines, but perfecting her bikini body behind the scenes of her SI shoot. I would shank any one of you for some closet alone time with any one of these women. I say that will all due kindness, but mostly just sincerity. Enjoy.

Gisele Bundchen Cleavage Show For Vogue Brazil, So Jealous of Her Lucky Paws

If this is how Gisele Bundchen is slipping into retirement, I must say, it’s better than a boring bruncheon.

The Brazilian super-est of supermodels announced she’s departing at least the runway portion of her fashion career some time this year, but that doesn’t mean the sextastic photogenic goes into some kind of genie bottle for eternity. Oh now, this kind of light needs to be shone, or shined, definitely shared, as Gisele does covering her own hooters for Vogue Brazil. The MILFtastic Braziliana has so much more to give. And making of the sexy type erotic poses with her hands on her funbags is a solid place to start. I’ll send along my list for next steps, but as a head start, I can tell you it involves a hammock and lots of cats. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Brazil

Gisele Bundchen Is Super Flexible Without A Shirt On

I don’t know if Gisele Bundchen is officially retired yet from her catwalk days. She’s mentioned recently she’s walking off into the sunset soon. Based on these covered topless super flexible photos from her native Brazil’s Vogue magazine, I’d have to say she’s definitely leaving the game in her prime quite still. One tall lean and animated body that looks good in and out of anything and everything.

I have no doubt Gisele will remain active in the hot MILFy mom category in some capacity even if it’s not formal fashion shows. Hopefully more candids and more revealing sets in magazines to keep herself feeling young and wanted. Trust me, Gisele, you are wanted. Even when you are no longer young, you will still be wanted. In fact, if you let me call you mommy, I might just spurge on the breadsticks when I order the Domino’s for you and I at the mansion on night’s Tom is gone and you need a hug. I’m like that. Very very cheap. You are very very hot. Only one of us should walk around topless. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Brazil/Instagram

Gisele Bundchen Naked In Vogue Brazil And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Gisele Bundchen bares it all for Vogue Brazil. (Drunken Stepfather)

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Thigh gaps. That is all. (The Chive)

Gisele Bundchen Wears A Tiny Black Bikini While On The Beach In Costa Rica

Legendary sexy vixen Gisele Bundchen was spotted on the beach in Costa Rica in a teeny tiny black bikini. Her pair of perkies were looking splendid. Gisele has the kind of boobs that you just want to put in your pocket and take with you all day. They’re the boobs that you dream about when you make a composite hot girl in your dreams. After all, Gisele’s work over the years has made all of us happy in our bathing suit areas. But my favorite part of these pics is how amazing her booty looks in that thong. Her cheeks are like two fluffy little pillows that are highly smackable, but in a good way. A sexy way. But it’s best to resist those kinds of urges. After all, that’s how people get arrested.

So, Central America is where all the hotties have been hiding all winter, eh? Remind me to book my flight for next winter to some southern exotic locale full of nubile beauties.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Amanda Cerny, Gisele Bundchen, Jaime King And Emily Didonato Topless Covered in the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

No sextastic celebrity can resist the allure of self-published social media hottie pics. It’s simply just too powerful a temptation. Even Iggy Azalea who I believe quit social media several weeks ago is back with a new photo. It’s the biggest game in town and girls with big egos are simply not going to miss it. Thankfully so.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes a series of beautiful women barely covered including Amanda Cerny, Gisele Bundchen, Emily Didonato, and Jaime King, not to mention a noteworthy appearance from Kylie Jenner racktastic and Anastasia Ashley asstastic. It’s quite a thing. Chock full of goodies that won’t rot your teeth, just the happy parts of your mind. You owe it to your March Madness bracket which is about to become scrap paper to check out each and every one of these passion inducing personal uploads. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram