Geri Halliwell and Elizabeth Hurley Stepping Up the British Lady Cleavage

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bill-swift - October 8, 2010

Nice to see a couple grand dames of hotness kicking up their game with some out-on-the-town generous cleavage pictures. Geri Halliwell and Elizabeth Hurley, two veterans of the boobtastic business are not going down without a fight. In fact, we've mentioned before (though she denies it), Liz Hurley may have artificially enhanced her fun bags in the past year or two, still, impressive chestal cleft. Same for Ginger Spice. While Posh jets around the globe a frail-framed version of her former spiciness, Geri continues to keep on a few extra generous pounds of curvaceousness. You go, Ginger. Enjoy.

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