Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley In Lingerie and Sasha Alexander Topless in Shameless Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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If you happen to be a fan of Sasha Alexander from Rizzoli and Isles on TNT, then prepare to become an even bigger fan of the Forties and Faptastic veteran actress showing off her festive funbags in Shameless this past week. Joined by Shani Atias, the Showtime comedy does not let down the Boob Tube Roundup in terms of stellar sweet melon reveals.

While made for safe TV, the show The Royals finally premiered on E! and brought along a few noteworthy lingerie looks, including Elizabeth Hurley who on the cusp of fifty still creates the happy feelings when stripped down to her underthings. She remains quite a thing. As for the show, well, it’s E!, they do what they can I suppose. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Shameless” Showtime/”The Royals” E!

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Elizabeth Hurley’s Still Got It And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Let’s enjoy Liz Hurley‘s boobs like it’s like the 90′s again. (Celebslam)

Mariah Carey and her funbags begin their Vegas residency. (WWTDD)

Shanna Moakler threatens to kill Travis Barker, arrested, and vice-versa (TMZ)

I’m pretty sure Lisa Rinna is a sexy vampire. (Huffington Post)

Kelly Brook shares her hot thumper on Instagram. (Drunken Stepfather)

Dakota Fanning‘s bare mid-riff is a thing of beauty. (Popoholic)

The Miss Universe contestants go splishy splashy in a pool. (The Superficial)

Behold the Seattle Seahawks cheerleaders’ sexy calendar. (COED)

Elizabeth Hurley and I Remain on Holiday


As you may have read in the trades, the entire of Tinsel Town remains shut down for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I myself have tied a slightly inebriated Elizabeth Hurley and myself to the same bed posts in my Red Roof Inn suite for the long weekend, waiting until she’s completely sober and able to give her European Union consent to all kinds of ideas I have surrounding the repurposing of gravy leftovers.

We’ll be back again after the holidays when everybody is back to their senses and this town has once again awoken in skintastic splendor. For the few of you stuck working today, please do use our search bar with some of your favorite celebrity names or keywords. I think you’ll find perusing our library of several hundred thousand images to be far more exciting than those TPS reports. Enjoy your holiday.

READER FINDS: Penelope Cruz Topless, Sherlyn Chopra Camel Toe, Miley Cyrus Lip Slip, and Much Much More…

Elizabeth Hurley in Nihat Odabasi Photoshoot 2006
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Why not make the last Reader Finds of the summer season the biggest, bestest, and all around most bodacious ever? That was a rhetorical question I suppose. Because we did. Well, you did. Through your love and kindness and I have to presume drunken generosity, the Egotastic! community has poured their support into the most voluminous Reader Finds ever. I’m not sure this will heal the world, but if you make it through every photo in this gallery, I can guarantee you some decent chaffing.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Elizabeth Hurley crazy hot in a Nihat Odabasi photoshoot (thank you to EgoReader ‘Glenn’), Victoria Justice hot booty in leather shorts in concert (transmitted by ‘Patrice’), actress Diana Glenn quite topless on the cinematic screen (hand delivered by ‘Nestor’), Connie Nielsen topless in black and white photoshoot (Danish delectables presented by ‘Tony’), way back machine for Christina Lindberg naturally exposed in Exposed (skintastic present from ‘Daniel’), Maria Bello topless and bound onscreen (bondage provided by ‘Nancy Marie’), Danielle Sharp and Nicole Neal capped by Nuts in the garden (boobtastic visions from ‘Theo’), a classic look at Jennifer Morrison from the old Stuff magazine (brought to the present by ‘Simm’), more class throwbacks with Dina Meyer topless in the theaters (skinematic from the mind of ‘Orson’), Penelope Cruz topless in her early film work (well worth the free ticket courtesy of ‘John P.’), Emily Shaw topless and not topless but wicked hot in multiple shoots by Frank White (from Emily’s superfan ‘Stu’), Eva Mendes see-through panties (wicked wanton goodness from ‘Jeff’),  Rosie Jones deliciously topless in black and white lingerie (holy hotness contributed by ‘Ian’),  the sorely missed Peta Todd baring boobs (globes from heaven via ‘Steve H.’),  way back to the dearly departed Sylvia Kristel bared in Emmanuelle 2 (glorious age of skinema provided by ‘Donny’), Sherlyn Chopra sporting bulging camel clefts (toe transmitted by ‘Jeremy’), a closer look at the lip slip of Miley Cyrus in We Can’t Stop director’s cut (thanks to many of you who sent in  your best takes on this), an alleged, super alleged and completely unconfirmed  topless picture of Lisa Kelly from Ice Road Truckers (a ton of you also sent this in, which makes me Spidey senses tingle nervously), Melissa Debling hot and nekkid and hot (plumpers pressed forth by ‘Corey’), South African hottie model Irene Nell (submitted by Nell-fan ‘Kevin’), sexy photos of Lynsey Taylor Mackay who stars in the new Scarlett Johansson flick (sweet find from regular ‘Harashupo’), Lizzy Caplan sneaky peaky topless in her new TV series (bodacious Caplan tops from ‘Tom C.’), Keeley Hazell topless gloriousness also well missed (orbs of a goddess delivered by ‘Chris’), and last, but not at all lease, lingerie pictures of SI Swimsuiter Genevieve Morton by Tracy Kahn (silky hotness from ‘John’). It is not just a handful, or even a heaping handful, it’s a double barreled boatload that should consume the next five minutes of your existence. Enjoy.

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Happy Chesty Birthdays, Kate Upton, Elizabeth Hurley, and Leelee Sobieski

I’m normally not a sap for birthday celebrations. After about age ten, I get suspicious of people who want to have big birthday spotlights. But, am I going to miss an excuse to show the chests of June 10th birthday girls like Kate Upton, veteran boobtastic hottie Elizabeth Hurley, and so truly missed full-puppied Leelee Sobieski. Not a chance I miss that low hanging fruit.

So, happy birthday to three swinging chicks. Each of whom should be expecting my personal spanking machine to be stopping by their homes at some point today. Or just sitting here at my desk. Enjoy.

Elizabeth Hurley Birthday Full of Cleavage

Tamara Ecclestone, Eliza Doolittle, and Elizabeth Hurley Highlight the Hotness at Elton John Gala

I’ll say this for Elton John, while his first new album in twenty years continues to be delayed, his work on behalf of global charities, more specifically, his ability to bring in sextastic celebrities to attend his charity galas continues unabated.

At his Grey Goose sponsored AIDS Foundation event over the weekend in London, Sir Elton was able to gather up a gaggle of hotties including newly single billionaire heiress and sideboob flasher extraordinaire, Tamara Ecclestone, underrated singing cutie Eliza Doolittle, and one of our all-time favorite MILFs with freshly young new boobs, Elizabeth Hurley, all for a good cause, which included us ogling them in their flattering fineries on the red carpet. Enjoy.