Gandalf Won’t Marry You, Nerds

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michael-garcia - August 23, 2016

If you are a billionaire like Napster founder and Facebook co-founder Sean Parker, you can pretty much have anything you want. Except, it seems, for Gandalf to officiate your wedding. Though he's a handsome rich guy now, Sean is still a nerd at heart. His wedding in June was Tolkien themed. He had people in costume and decorations that were evocative of Tolkien's novels and the Peter Jackson films. But Parker wanted none other that Gandalf himself, Ian McKellen, to officiate at the wedding dressed as the wizard. It seems that even the 1.3 million that Parker offered him wasn't enough to make McKellen don the big floppy hat again. He said,

“I said, ‘I am sorry, Gandalf doesn’t do weddings. I don’t go dressing up, except in plays and things."

That's some integrity. If someone offered me 1.3 million I would dress up as almost anything. If you said dress up like a duck ballerina, I would do it. I guess Sir Ian doesn't need the money, but still, you figure it would be easy money. But after 15 years and six movies he's probably sick as hell of being Gandalf. Sorry, Sean. I bet you could get one of the Hobbits for a Big Mac and $10.