Freida Pinto Gets All Kinds of Hot and Classy for ‘Trishna’ Premiere

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bill-swift - October 25, 2011

Me and like a billion and one other dudes have a thing going on for Indian hottie Freida Pinto. Still, it feels very personal. This sultry sextastic from the subcontinent has to be considered by the visually sane to be one of the hottest celebrities on this entire spinning globe, and even though she rarely shows us any excess of skin (as if an excess of skin is possible), her remarkably hot presence was felt in class and just a hint of cleave at the BFI London premiere of 'Trishna' over the weekend. I'm not exactly sure what the future holds for Freida Pinto, but if it entails anything ever to do with toplessness, then it's the future I've been praying for since Slumdog Millionaire. Enjoy.