Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto, Jessica Simpson, Olivia Munn, and Sofia Vergara Highlight the Hotness at the White House Correspondents Dinner

The White House Correspondents Dinner is a big annual affair where Hollywood hotties and paid comedy writers descend upon D.C. like a traveling circus to make White House politics seem the list bit entertaining. For most of us, politics and bickering and posturing and lying is a petty, boring affair. But you start adding the likes of Jessica Simpson, Olivia Munn, Sofia Vergara, and Freida Pinto to the mix, suddenly you have a leer-worthy bit of Washington grandstanding. My, but the ladies do look nice, especially set against the nation’s capital, a town not known for skin, though plenty of underground sin to say the least.

The Correspondents Dinner just goes to show that girls make the party. You invite a couple dozen great looking ladies decked out in their fineries to any gathering and it’s an instantly successful social affair. C-SPAN, snoozer. C-SPAN with Sofia Vergara’s curvy hot body, much less boring. Enjoy.

Freida Pinto Yoga Stretches Herself on Set, We Feel the Burn

I’m not sure of the position names, but Freida Pinto was practicing a little yoga on the set of Cup of Knights in between scenes and we couldn’t help but remember how effin’ hot Freida Pinto is and how much hotter she gets when she begins to stretch and twist and downward-facing dog her body. Like the world’s most sextastic pretzel.

I wish I could bring myself to go to yoga class, because outside of all the sweaty dudes who smell like the cheese you know you need to throw out of your fridge, there are some seriously fine stretching women. A room full of Freida Pintos straining their ligaments is like heaven on earth. Namaste.

Freida Pinto Anything Is Hot, Even All Classied Up for Flaunt

What could supreme hottie Freida Pinto do that we would not find sexy? Take a moment, I know you think you have an answer to that question, and it’s really a very wrong thing to say, let alone think, and here’s the kicker — yep, we’d let her do that to us and still find it sexy. So there.

In the latest edition of Flaunt magazine, in an homage to some classic styling I am sure, Freida gets all grown up and sophisticated looking, but nothing really can hide her inner and most definitely, outer, hotness. I just want to lick it up with a spoon. I think that’s possible. Enjoy.

Freida Pinto Upskirt Scores Another Win for Cannes-Tastic Hotness

The whole Cannes Film Festival has been starting to bug me the past few years. I kind of finally got used to its self-importance and annual Sean Penn appreciation days, and even Roman Polanski coming out of rape-retirement to receive honorariums, but now it’s started accepting big bribes from the studios to open films like Madagascar 3 and there’s nothing worse than an art-snob Frenchy thing that you come to learn is just a sell-out all along. Then again, there are the hotties…

Frieda Pinto is our latest and greatest Cannes sextastic award winner, thanks to the Indian actress, well, looking all kinds of hot, but that is her norm, but also flashing a panties peek up her skirt and she motored between fancy parties in the Southern France resort town. Frieda Pinto sexy upskirts? Yeah, they make listening to speeches about the ‘importance of the craft’ from Sean Penn almost bearable. Enjoy.

Freida Pinto Gets All Kinds of Hot and Classy for ‘Trishna’ Premiere

Me and like a billion and one other dudes have a thing going on for Indian hottie Freida Pinto. Still, it feels very personal. This sultry sextastic from the subcontinent has to be considered by the visually sane to be one of the hottest celebrities on this entire spinning globe, and even though she rarely shows us any excess of skin (as if an excess of skin is possible), her remarkably hot presence was felt in class and just a hint of cleave at the BFI London premiere of ‘Trishna’ over the weekend. I’m not exactly sure what the future holds for Freida Pinto, but if it entails anything ever to do with toplessness, then it’s the future I’ve been praying for since Slumdog Millionaire. Enjoy.

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Freida Pinto Notches Up the Artsy-Sexy for Interview

Frieda Pinto is the kind of girl who when you first see, only some monosyllabic utterance exits your oral cavity. Usually it’s a ‘mmmm’ or a ‘ooooh’, but some type of vibrato recognition of the sultry hotness that is Freida Pinto. Personally, I know a celebrity has the right kind of sextastic when she’s lust-inducing, even in some all-artsy pictorial, as this Freida Pinto picture set from Interview magazine, where the subcontinental sextastic shows that even super motifs can cover up super hotness; there’s no tricking the male eye, it’s simply a matter of species survival. Enjoy.