Fitness Friday with Nina Agdal!

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Echo Lawrence - June 5, 2020

Nina Agdal is a hot, probably retired at this point, Sports Illustrated Swim model who is now in her 30s, and who now seems to live out her life at the Brinkley estate in the hamptons, becasue she is dating Christie Brinkley's son. It's a keep it in the Sports Illustrated swim family, because Sports Illustrated Swim has been so good to her, it's basically the only reason we know her or learned about her hot, fit, danish body that looks like it doesn't eat many danishes.

I assume she's doing the whole trophy wife thing, living the rich and famous life of luxury, but still taking time to make some dance videos or fitness videos half naked to keep her fans excited!

Her biggest job may have been dating Leo DiCaprio for about 10 minutes, but clearly she has lots more to give!

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