Bebe Rexha’s Feeling Sexy Today

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Echo Lawrence - February 13, 2020

Bebe Rexha has been active on Instagram the last few days, she’s been letting fans know that while she may look glam her “mental health is pretty shitty”. But things must be looking up for the pop star because she posted these super sexy shots of her on her bedroom floor in a pair of black panties and a matching black bra.

In other recent Bebe Rexha news, the star is calling out Billboard Hot 100 for lack of female representation. Billboard release the list of the Most Hot 100 entries of 2020 so far, and out of 12 names there was only one female: Camila Cabello. Bebe tweeted “man man man man woman man man man man man. Thank god for Camila. I’m like yes a female”

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