Evolve’ Gets A Second Chance At Awesome On PC

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chris-littlechild - July 7, 2016

  Remember Evolve? Sure you do. It’s an asymmetrical co-op shooter, casting four players as humans and the fifth as a big ol’ Godzilla-esque angry bastard beast. Think of it as a Monster Hunter/FPS sort of deal. Developer Turtle Rock had themselves an awesome concept, right here.   

As the game approached released early last year, though, the whole thing died on its ass. It was a similar situation to the Xbox One launch, in that gamers were put off by how some policies were handled. Content was a little sparse, with more characters available as the dreaded DLC. Or ‘the DLC shitstorm,’ as the developers themselves called it.

Coupled with that, the humans’ roles are all so important in defeating the monster. You know how hard it can be to find a proper team of players online, among all the trolltastic raging assholes, and Evolve lives and dies by its players. Because of all this, the playerbase has been dwindling and dwindling since release.

Still, Turtle Rock haven’t given up. They’ve been supporting the title for over a year now, which hasn’t really cut it. Today, the completely overhauled version of the game hits PC: free to play Evolve.  

‘All of this,’ RockPaperShotgun reports, ‘comes with some changes to how the game plays, including reworked progression systems and tutorials, and a lighter reliance on experienced specialists for the hunters. That seems key to finding a wider audience.’

It all sounds like a step in the right direction. If you were interested in Evolve before, but it didn’t quite do it for you, now might be the time to get back on board. More details on what’s changed back at the link.

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