E3 2016: ‘The Final Station,’ Because Survival Horror On Trains Is Always A Good Time

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chris-littlechild - June 20, 2016

  Yup. Zombies in video games. It’s a huge industry cliché now, like the idea of the basement-dwelling Cheetos eater. Or entitled bitching about something trivial on Internet forums. It’s never going away, either, so we might as well suck it up and enjoy the times that zombie games actually offer something new.  

I remember back when I had an Ouya (because for some goddamn reason, I had one), a bizarre arcade game that saw you guiding trains across a crisscross of tracks to run down the hordes of zombies on the screen. Trains Vs Zombies, I think it was called. I’m not sure, because it was a bit ass. My point is, coupled with the all-kinds-of-badass prequel that was Resident Evil Zero, the whole zombies-on-trains thing has only happened a couple of times. And, as Sheldon Cooper will tell you, trains are cool.

So, on to The Final Station. While E3 is a place for the latest upcoming AAA blockbusters to shine, that’s not all it’s about. The show is also a great place for indie developers to show off their work, to get a little attention that they’d otherwise struggle to get. My favorite of these to hit the Indie Mix this year? This one right here.

In GameSpot’s footage below, it’s described as ‘a post-apocalyptic train survival game,’ which I’m sure is enough of a selling point in itself. Then we get into the fact that you play as a train conductor charged with cruising through hell and picking up survivors from the afterlife, all wrapped up in a cutesy 2D cartoon spritetastic style. Is that an offer you can refuse? Damn right it isn’t. Check it out below.

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