Don’t Forget About Madonna, Says Madonna

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bill-swift - June 25, 2013

Madonna was the forerunner of much of the publicity the younger girls are receiving today through social media self-promotion. She was making herself the center of attention and scandal decades ago. Don't think she's just going to let herself be replaced by girls half or less her age with Twitter accounts and little self-reflection.

Madonna took to posting pictures of her own self over the weekend booty shaking and preparing for whatever it is her next overpriced concert tour involves. I'll say this, she does keep herself trim. Sometimes, a bit too trim, but she hasn't exactly let herself go. She's out there daily sweating with her Pilates and yoga just like the girls three decades younger. So, there's that. And selfies now. Which I fully expect to get raunchier and raunchier as time marches on. Enjoy.