Young Madonna Rare Nude Photos Uncensored

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I’m going to go ahead and bet my pretty face on the fact these photos of Madonna in her teen art model days are of the barely legal variety. As many of you may remember from memorizing the Material Girl’s life story, when she first started out away from home she paid the bills by serving as a nude model for art students and photographers alike. My read on this has always been that Madonna went into this with eyes wide open, a precocious, self-confident, and exhibitionist young woman from the get-go. Also, it did pay the bills.

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Our friends at PlayboyPlus have got their hot woman baring paws on some of the very original topless photos of Madonna from early photo work, revealing the body of a girl born to be famous. Or at least, command some serious attention. Every hero has their origin story, most every celebrity their risque photo backstory. If I’m Madonna, I’m nothing but proud of this work. I’m not Madonna, which is why I can’t seem to get a table at any decent restaurants. Still, we get some might fine ogles. Good on you, Madge. This is quite a scrapbook of your early work. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

READER FINDS: Amy Smart Topless, Bambi Northwood-Blyth Topless, Madonna Topless, and Much Much More…

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Hooray for Friday, the day that makes all other days of the week pretty much it’s bitch every time it rolls around. Perhaps it was born with privilege, but it works hard to keep it’s rep. It’s why we honor the day by opening up the Reader email bag of happiness and tingly feelings. I really am pretty sure I hear the angels sing when I pull back the goldenrod colored strings and the reader contributions pour out. It might be in my head. I do often hear voices. I’m sure I’m fine. Hide your pets.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the deliciously blonde and topless Amy Smart (from the goodness of EgoReader ‘Ben’), Ana Alexander and friends in the highly underrated formerly awesome show Chemistry (lovely lasses topless via ‘Jeremy R.’), the beautiful Bambi Northwood Blyth topless in not one, but two exquisite pictorials (thumper be happy thanks to ‘Eren’), some early nekkid modeling shots of Latina hottie Bruna Mendes (from the mind of ‘Alonso E.’), the red hot Carmen Kass topless for Vogue back in the day with a kicker of Paraguayan delight Larissa Riquelme topless (much kudos to ‘David M.’ for both), skinny Euro model Franzi Mueller flashing her natural nubs (swell bit of the slender sextastic from ‘Jeeba’), Kelly Curran funbags of perfection on screen (thank you kindly to ‘Bennet’), Lindsay Ellingson alluring in a bit of lingerie (underrated hotness dropped off by ‘Jenny’), Madonna topless in the screen gem Body of Evidence (okay, so film, not so good, but ta’s… thanks to ‘Aaron W.’), Penelope Cruz big guns bare in early film work (oh, en fuego ta’s from ‘Stephen P.’), and last, but holy heck not least, numerous killer photos of of busty Asian model who EgoReader ‘Henny’ couldn’t quite name, but already forgiven, you’ll know why if you make it to the end. Enjoy.

Madonna Cleavage Show In Out Magazine

I’m not sure what it’s supposed to mean that Madonna is showing off her mature teats in leather and laying on what might be a floor as seen through cracked glass. As first I thought maybe it was a candid from that moment a couple weeks ago when she tumbled to the floor during her British concert. But this seems to be staged entirely for Out magazine, which based on the title presumably cares less about Madge’s boobtastic than I do, but probably much more about deep and foreboding themes.

I don’t understand art. I don’t let it bother me anymore. When I was younger I used to feel less than whole when lying to a girl about which painting I loved more in a gallery show. Now, I feel mostly numb when doing the exact same thing. Hey, I can’t dunk a basketball either. Not like I spend my days wallowing in my combined lack of height and vertical leap. Growing up isn’t about getting better, it’s about carling less about the things you’re simply never going to improve. I think Madonna herself gets that. That’s why she’s still pulling the breasts in bondage look well into her mid-50′s. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Out Magazine

Kim Kardashian Latex Covered Lady Curves Dine With Madonna

When Kim Kardashian and Madonna get together for a little chow time in London, you can bet there’s going to be latex, fur, and nylons. And that’s just on the sex dolls they bring along with them in the cabs.

The two mega stars, both famous in their own way for their brazen sexuality, one with a number of number one hits as a kicker, were absolutely going to make sure they got noticed by the British paparazzi in their finest of wares. Kim’s plastic skin tight dress was something straight out of the comic books, well, the comic books you’d hide underneath your mattress. And Madonna, well, just the fact she can walk after her big stage tumble the other night is something of a miracle. She holds her own when given a little prep time. Unlike as many had predicted, the world did not end when these two got together. Albeit Kim’s globes did look about ready to explode. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF/FameFlynet

Madonna Topless Pictures For Interview Magazine, That’s Now 38 Years of Topless Madonna


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It’s hard to imagine perhaps, but easy to ogle, almost four decades now of Madonna topless photo portraits, starting with her teen nude modeling for rent check days to this new topless rather processed bondage thingamajig in Interview magazine. Either way, at fifty-six, I’m going to refer to it as bold and quite leer worthy.

Madonna may no longer be the Material Girl or the Blond Ambition young lady, but she is still pushing the boundaries of the exhibitionist at her veteran age and we at Egotastic! will never dismiss such a contribution. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Interview Magazine

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Madonna Topless Nekkid and Barely Legal in 1977 (The Completer Set)

Madonna Poses Nekkid For A Photoshoot From 1977
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The year was 1977. Gas lines plagued our nations. Laverne and Shirely was the top show on television. Men had mustaches.  And Madonna was an eighteen year old art student of some kind earning ten bucks an hour to help pay her bills. Photographer Herman Kulken probably didn’t really even remember he had these photos of the teen model in cheesy nude poses until she became the biggest music star in the world several years later. Score one for Herman. The photos eventually were sold to Bob Guccione and I believe were auctioned off from his estate not long ago. Thus, the story of the Madonna teen nudes.

We’ve peeked at a few of these before, but now we seem to have a look at the full set of the young Madonna baring her wares for the love of nekkid teen modeling in veils and Princess Jasmine wear and naturally some 70′s clothing. One things for sure, Madonna always was an attractive young woman. Maybe not supermodel looks, but definitely a looker. Not to mention not particularly super shy out of high school. Enjoy.

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Madonna Goes Topless For L’Uomo Vogue

Madonna Topless Shoot for L’Uomo Vogue May 2014
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The legendary sex goddess Madonna went topless like it was 1992 in the pages of L’Uomo Vogue. She looks pretty friggin’ amazing. She’s still got that unmistakable sex appeal that made her the superstar she is. Her perfect funbags are as spectacular as they always were. And thanks to doing yoga all the time, she can also bend herself into provocative poses. There is also a little S&M vibe going on in her leather bustier. That Madonna is always getting herself into all kinds of wacky/sexy situations. It brings back memories of my friend bringing her big metal SEX book to school when I was a sophomore in high school. It was filled with all kinds of sexy shenanigans. I particularly remember her encounter with a bicycle with no seat. It got confiscated, of course, and we both got detention for looking at it. Worth it.

I’m glad Madonna is still taking off her clothes for her fans. She’s been doing it for thirty years better than anyone around. She blazed the path for all of those hot singers that get nekkid today. She’s a true pioneer of nekkidness.