Madonna Topless Nekkid and Barely Legal in 1977 (The Completer Set)


The year was 1977. Gas lines plagued our nations. Laverne and Shirely was the top show on television. Men had mustaches.  And Madonna was an eighteen year old art student of some kind earning ten bucks an hour to help pay her bills. Photographer Herman Kulken probably didn't really even remember he had these photos of the teen model in cheesy nude poses until she became the biggest music star in the world several years later. Score one for Herman. The photos eventually were sold to Bob Guccione and I believe were auctioned off from his estate not long ago. Thus, the story of the Madonna teen nudes.

We've peeked at a few of these before, but now we seem to have a look at the full set of the young Madonna baring her wares for the love of nekkid teen modeling in veils and Princess Jasmine wear and naturally some 70's clothing. One things for sure, Madonna always was an attractive young woman. Maybe not supermodel looks, but definitely a looker. Not to mention not particularly super shy out of high school. Enjoy.

Madonna Goes Topless For L’Uomo Vogue


The legendary sex goddess Madonna went topless like it was 1992 in the pages of L'Uomo Vogue. She looks pretty friggin' amazing. She's still got that unmistakable sex appeal that made her the superstar she is. Her perfect funbags are as spectacular as they always were. And thanks to doing yoga all the time, she can also bend herself into provocative poses. There is also a little S&M vibe going on in her leather bustier. That Madonna is always getting herself into all kinds of wacky/sexy situations. It brings back memories of my friend bringing her big metal SEX book to school when I was a sophomore in high school. It was filled with all kinds of sexy shenanigans. I particularly remember her encounter with a bicycle with no seat. It got confiscated, of course, and we both got detention for looking at it. Worth it.

I'm glad Madonna is still taking off her clothes for her fans. She's been doing it for thirty years better than anyone around. She blazed the path for all of those hot singers that get nekkid today. She's a true pioneer of nekkidness.

Katy Perry Deep Cleavage S&M Abuse of Madonna in Latex? Yep

Make what you will of this new spread in V magazine. Personally I'm going to print it out and make a cool sailor hat out of it, then everybody will ask me why I'm wearing a hat of Katy Perry as a cleavetastic dominatrix tugging Madonna in latex by hair and rope. I will not have a good answer.

However, this is one of those must see-spreads. I suggest you must see the full set of Katy Cocktease and Madonna being super S&M like on WWTDD. I guarantee these are images you will not soon if ever forget. Enjoy.

Madonna Topless Teen Modeling Days Up for Sale


Before she was The Material Girl and before she was turning popular music for girls into songs about sexual rebellion, Madonna was struggling to pay her rent as a college-aged teen and sitting nekkid as  portrait model for artists and photographers. According to the story, Madonna was getting paid about ten bucks an hour for her modeling work. I'd laugh, except at nineteen I was getting eight bucks and hour to sell women's shoes and I gladly would've taken a raise to let somebody paint my bare scrote and a plate full of apples. In the very least, the work space would've smelled less like feet.

Madonna's teen photos are part of the Bob Guccione photo and art collection going on auction on November 9th. You can only imagine what the former Penthouse founder collected for art. Enjoy.

Madonna Wears a Thong, How (Not So) Bizarre

I guess there's really no age at which you become too old to wear a thong, just an age at which nobody wants to see you in them anymore. Well into her 50's, Madonna is still flashing her booty in a thong, in this case, on the pages of Harper's Bazaar magazine.

As to whether it's time for The Material Girl to hang up the thong and maybe put on a housecoat, I'll leave that decision up to you. She's obviously still hitting the gym pretty rigorously, and while you can't ever completely fight Father Time, I can see an argument going either way for granny to keep or ditch the thong. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday, Madonna (Once Quite the Looker)

Madonna turned fifty-five today, and while a whole bunch of forces of nature and unnatural have transformed Madonna into a slightly less appealing figure of late, there's no denying that the Material Girl has been on the wankable list of many a man over the past thirty years. Let us not forsake the benevolence of such a gift.

Today, on Madonna's birthday, we take a look at just a few of our favorite somewhat recently photos of the undeniable self-marketing genius and remember  time when even though we never cared much for the music, we had a little blonde ambition private time fun time with the mega pop star. Enjoy.

Don’t Forget About Madonna, Says Madonna

Madonna was the forerunner of much of the publicity the younger girls are receiving today through social media self-promotion. She was making herself the center of attention and scandal decades ago. Don't think she's just going to let herself be replaced by girls half or less her age with Twitter accounts and little self-reflection.

Madonna took to posting pictures of her own self over the weekend booty shaking and preparing for whatever it is her next overpriced concert tour involves. I'll say this, she does keep herself trim. Sometimes, a bit too trim, but she hasn't exactly let herself go. She's out there daily sweating with her Pilates and yoga just like the girls three decades younger. So, there's that. And selfies now. Which I fully expect to get raunchier and raunchier as time marches on. Enjoy.