Damn Right This R2-D2 PS4 is the Console You’re Looking For

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chris-littlechild - July 25, 2015

As fans of all things gametastic will know, special editions of consoles are hardly a rare thing. In their inexorable and all-consuming hunger for our cashtacular, games companies have brought us all kinds of weirdness over the years. 

Back in the day, you just weren't friends with anyone who didn't own the funky-ass Pikachu N64. You didn't play with them at recess, and damn right they weren't invited over after school to secretly ogle your big brother's Playboys in your treehouse.

Sure, your childhood memories may differ, but the point remains: consoles with limited edition paint jobs, faceplates and such can be a big deal. This is the reason why some people have three or four of the same damn device, and why Japanese businessmen everywhere are up to their asses in expensive saki and prostitutes.

But anywho, be that as it may, official special consoles are no match for the sheer awesome madness that modders can come up with. These are the guys who can make Doom run on pocket calculators and stuff, so you don't eff with them. All you can do is admire the badassery that results from their handiwork. Badassery like this, for instance.

Feast your quivering eyeballs on this R2-D2 PS4/laptop.

  ‘Ed Zarick has been making custom console laptops for a while, but this R2-D2 design may just be his best,' quoth Pushsquare. ‘In addition to housing a PlayStation 4 console and a monitor in a themed chassis, the unit also comes with the character's iconic light – and even makes familiar sounds when you turn it on.'

Man, that's sleek. Take an ogle at it in action:

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