Colombian Model Daniela Lopez Osorio Strips Down for Beach Bunny Swimwear

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bill-swift - December 3, 2014

The lovely Daniela Lopez Osorio once again showed why she is one of the hottest up and coming models in the world with her, well, hotness. She did a photo spread for Beach Bunny Swimwear and lord almighty is it ever sexy. She's got a pair of funbags on her the likes of which one rarely sees in the wild. Being a professional boob ogler is a tough job. It's difficult in the sense that it desensitizes you to the wonders of boobdom. That's why I enjoy it whenever Daniela comes across my desk. She reminds me why I got into the boob ogling business in the first place. She's also got a wickedly toned abdomen. Seriously, she could crush walnuts with those heart.

It makes me very sad that scantily clad season is over where I live in New York. I really have to move to a place where it is warm enough for ladies to go out in bikinis and short shorts year round.

Photo Credit: GSI / Beach Bunny