January Jones Needs a Dentist!

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Tex Hollywood - June 16, 2020

January Jones is killing it on instagram. She started working the platform more aggressively during the lockdown, where she posted a series of bikini pics, which her fans were probably very happy with, because she does have fans, just not as many as you'd expect because she's only at 1,000,000 followers despite having been on TV, which is wild if you think about the barista down the street with 8 million followers, or whatever your local INFLUENCER does, they probably have more support than a Hollywood celebrity like January Jones.

She posted this picture to show off her teeth to all your dentists or hobby dentists who are into dirty teeth. Her caption references her kid, who for those of you who don't know, because it's been kept secret, is Jason Sudeikis. They were dating months before they revealed the pregnancy, but for whatever reason it was kept secret.

What wasn't kept secret is that she busty!

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    Fake teeth.

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