Check Out The Sexiest Blonde Celebs Sharing This Charity Event Red Carpet

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aldo-vallon - October 22, 2018

I love when women match their dresses to the carpeting at an event. So often they get so caught up in trying to match their date’s tie that the carpet gets forgotten. Do they think that carpet simply grows over night at every event they go to, and then magically vanishes the next day?

Someone took the time to lay that carpet down outside so that these women could walk all over it without getting the bottom of their dresses dirty, and yet people try to ignore it like it is the help. Thankfully that was not the case on this night. The carpet finally got the acknowledgement it deserves for tying the whole room together.

I do not know why red became the go-to color for the carpet of classy affairs, but I think it was a good choice. Black would look too somber, and men would likely vanish since it is the most popular color for suits. Had they decided on white carpet it would only look good for the first couple of guests before it would get dirty, and dirty is not classy. They might as well have just rolled out a brown carpet.


Photo Credit: Splash News