Rihanna Promoting Make-Up!

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Tex Hollywood - April 21, 2020

Rihanna has leveraged her pop career that may be confusing to anyone who looks too deep into it. I'm not here to harbor conspiracy theories but I am sure you all know talented local girls who have as much talent as Rihanna who can't even get a gig at the local open mic night and not because bars are shut down for covid. Yet a girl from Barbados, which for those who don't know geography, is not LA or NYC, who was raised poor, ends up in NYC at 15 or 16 ready to make hits.

It's always confused me.

However, that doesn't matter, she has become the phenom that is Rihanna. She's been hot throughout her career and now she is running a variety of brands, like a lingerie brand, a collab with Puma, and a make-up line that these pics are for!

She's Rihanna and she's amazing!

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