Kate Upton’s Big Birthday!

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Tex Hollywood - June 11, 2020

In big news, at least big breast news, Kate Upton is 28 years old. It was her birthday yesterday and this was her photoshoot to celebrate the glorious day and reflect on all she has accomplished in her life.

From being the heiress to the inventor of the modern washing machine, Whirlpool, to being the young and ridiculously busty All-American model that Sports Illustrated Swim adopted and basically turned into a HUGE thing. To various acting jobs, doing a viral video dance with Terry Richardson before he was cancelled, and ending up an Athlete's wife and baby momma. She's got a lot to celebrate and lucky for us, she's not hiding her business partners in the celebration, because without them, we could argue Kate Upton wouldn't be a thing. That is not to reduce women to their breasts, but some women exist largely due to their breasts and we shouldn't pretend otherwise because it would be fake news and we don't like any of that!

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