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Sophie Monk Naked In Playboy? Okay, I Can Do That

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At least one superfan of Egotastic! got his male panties in a bunch about us omitting super fine Down Under models and actress Sophie Monk from our archive of Bunny magazine favorites. You know I’m more sensitive than a teen girl experiencing puberty in an all male household, so I hereby bequeath to that fine fellow the perfect female form of Sophie Monk thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus.

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Sophie isn’t just another great looking Australian blonde with killer eyes and even more dangerous sweet pies. She’s one of the elites. The cream of the sextastic crop of Southern Hemispheric babes who put shrimps on the barbie and have contagious laughs. I could be happy with a woman like Sophie Monk keeping my bed warm, even if that was by means of petrol and a match after she discovers I spent the evening with Elle Macpherson. Dare to dream big, you might just land somewhere decently obscene. Enjoy.

Sophie Monk Brings Her Stellar Boobtastic to The Aussie Radio Awards

I’m not sure how such a stunning hot model ends up working in radio, but former model girl and sort of pop singer Sophie Monk was a big piece of the sextastic pie at the Australian Radio Awards over the weekend where she was honored for basically having one super low cut dress flashing ample bosom. There really ought to be awards for stuff like that in a more perfect world.

We haven’t seen much or enough of the 30-something hottie of late. Maybe it’s because she does work so much indoors these days. Which is a shame since she used to regularly titillate our gentlemen ogling sensibilities with public displays of hot bodiness. Still, every time we meet again I’m reminded of why I first fell in love with this Aussie blonde. She’s not the first, and won’t be the last, but oh, the happy happy Sophie Monk middle. Enjoy.

Sophie Monk Hot Sweaty Ball Tricks for the Down Under Zoo

We do so love Sophie Monk. Love, lust, long for that ridiculously hot body of hers. So when these photos of the delicious model and actress handling balls appeared in the Aussie version of Zoo magazine, well, we nearly busted our athletic supportive equipment.

Somehow, these photos do look awfully familiar, or maybe I’m having deja vu all over again, but Sophie Monk hotness will invade your very soul, if you let it, and I highly suggest you do. Mmm, sweaty goodness. Enjoy.

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Sophie Monk Flashes Deep Cleavage on the Way to Chateau Marmont

Ah, the simple pleasures of a hot girl from Down Under in a cleavetastic outfit showing up to be my date to Chik-fil-A. Well, so maybe the sextastic Sophie Monk was meeting somebody else at Chateau Marmont, but it’s only a matter of time before she realizes that the man she ought to be with is he who drools the most staring at her hot body. There’s no reason a stalker can’t also be a great boyfriend, and I do have all those fast food coupons with which to treat a lady. C’mon, Sophie, just respond to one of my crayon-written letters.Enjoy.

Sophie Monk Sits for An Art Exhibit at Chateau MarmontUPDATED TO ADD: Here’s a photo of the sexalicious Sophie Monk ‘sitting’ for the art exhibit inside Chateau Marmont. The kind of art I think we can all appreciate.

Sophie Monk Bikini Pictures Remind Me of Why I Loved Bounce Houses as a Kid

Of my very favorite imports from Down Under, somewhere between Vegemite and bad-ass Koala bears, lies the ridiculously hot and not-super-skinny bikini body of Sophie Monk, on display on a photoshoot over the weekend on, of course, a yacht. I lust Sophie even more now that she’s added some softness to her frame, putting her more-cushion-for-the-pushing body right in the face of the beanpole models. Flash the gifts that nature gave you, Sophie, and we will keep on ogling. Enjoy.

Sophie Monk Bikini Pictures So Sexy They Will Rock Your Love Boat

Oh, yeah, that’s outrageously hot Sophie Monk. That’s her tiny bikini. And that’s the yacht of some lucky bastard who gets to stare at her precious half-nekkid body all day long during her sextastic bikini photo session. Don’t get me wrong, I relish in a pap’s eye view of the entire delightfully fleshy hard body affair, but to be the dude who sits behind the captain’s wheel with a Stoli martini and gets to ask sweaty Sophie if she’d like to take the S.S. Salty Sausage out for a spin after the photoshoot, well, that’s just a seaman’s dream. Enjoy.