Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller Tugs On Her MILFtastic Bikini In Cannes

Someday I’m going to get me to that Eden Roc hotel outside Cannes where all the luscious lovelies stay during the film festival. Park my yacht the S.S. Egotastic offshore and dinghy into shore for the sights and sounds and smells of all the beautiful women hanging by the rocky side pool along the Riviera. Sweet mommy hotties like Sienna Miller not far removed from entering MILFdom and flashing her sleek bikini body in a bikini that required extensive tugging to stay put on her ready to make more babies body. It’s not the tugging that gets you, it’s the release.

Sienna seems like she’s been a thespianic sextastic for so long now, but she’s really just been on our radar for the past ten years since finding handsome baldie in bed with the nanny and then moving on to bigger and better things, including more skin reveals that aided our falling in lust with her. Sienna, on behalf of men who leer at moms everywhere, bless you and your little bikini. If you could use an extra hand for those tugs and adjustments, let me know, I’ll snorkel ashore. Enjoy.

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Sienna Miller Wears Tight White Dress To David Letterman In NYC

Sexy starlet Sienna Miller was looking hot in the freezing cold in a tight white dress for her appearance on David Letterman. It hugged her curves just right and showed off the contours of her booty, which is always a good thing. The plunging neckline gave us all an eyeful of her luscious cleav. Oh, friends was there cleav for the ages. Sienna is one of those classical British beauties, the kind of girl that makes you want to salute the queen or whatever. I wish I had known she was going to be on Letterman last night or else I would have watched it so I could get a proper ogleful instead of spending my time with stupid friends and family. Some things are more important, IE. boobs.

Now if only it had snowed last night and gotten that white thin dress wet so that we could really see what lies beneath.

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READER FINDS: Lucy Aragon Topless Beach Vine, Katy Perry Bikini Boobtastic, Bai Ling Topless, and Much Much More..

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Well, hello there, Friday. Only the finest day of the week. The day named after the Nordic god of having a cold brew and kicking your feet up on the ottoman. Not only the end of the work week, but the day we pay tribute to the tributes gifted to us by our faithful readers. You prurient millions who represent the best and brightest this world has to offer. Well, at least the most gifted in the naming of Victoria’s Secret models. That’s a something skill you ought have on your curriculum vitae.

This week’s Reader Finds includes vintage hot modeling shots of Sienna Miller in lingerie in American Sniper (hot undies via ‘Cameron’), Shailene Woodley topless hotness in her indie (lovely lusties provided by ‘Steven H.’), Paz de la Huerta topless in her skinematics (eyeball popping Paz delivered by ‘Ken’), Paulina Porizkova in her post SI days topless thespianics (Paulina pouties thanks to ‘Ian G.’), sextastic model Nadja Bender quite topless in her jeans (many kudos to veteran contributor ‘David M.’), Marina Sirtis topless in classic skinema (brunette funbags courtesy of ‘Randy’), Lucy Aragon sort of accidentally topless on the beach (Vine spotted by ‘JJ’), Katy Perry cleavetastic amateur bikini top peeks (talk about your fireworks, thanks to ‘Aimee’), Juliette Lewis stripping to bare her knockers (she just keeps on flashing, ‘Owen’ just keeps on finding), Irina Shayk barely covered nekkid lingerie shots (epic captures of Irina via ‘Simon E.’), Latina hottie Dorismar topless in Playboy (outstanding peeks from the mail of ‘Everett’), Bai Ling topless sandy bare beach teats (found reminiscing thanks to ‘Jay D.’),  America Olivo quite topless on the silver screen (delightful contribution by ‘Allen’), and Adele Exarchopoulos in one smoking hot photoshoot (love me my Adele, thanks to ‘David E.’). It’s a lot. But I know you’re up to the task. Commence leering. Enjoy.

Sienna Miller Is Sexy And Other Fine Things To Ogle


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Sienna Miller Covered Topless Hotness in Black and White for Esquire

Sienna Miller just sounds like a classy girl. If I didn’t know more about her various and storied past, she’d seem like a demure vixen straight out of one of those Downton Abbey type shows. But I do know about her past, which makes her even more alluring to me. Because who wants a girl in seventeen layers of proper British aristocratic clothing when you can have Sienna on the pages of Esquire magazine in hardly any clothes at all.

You can see why men have fought and failed and fallen over Sienna Miller so hard in the past dozen years or so. I mean, men with options, not just the high school boys trying to get into her knickers. Sorry, I just love to say knickers. She really is a special sweet looking treat in this very smashing pictorial. Enjoy.

Sienna Miller Is Back in Black Bikini Down Mexico Way

I must admit I’ve kind of lost track of Sienna Miller and her personal goings-on these past few years. I keep seeing her name pop up around different men and various situations, but mostly I’m just happy to see her looking good in a bikini on a vacation down Mexico way. And, naturally, I’m glad to see she’s adopted the ginger hair, if only for the benefit of my fantasy life

It’s easy to overlook the reason Sienna Miller is involved in so many juicy scandal stories in the first place, namely, she’s a fine looking lady. But, today, try, even as a man, to be a little more superficial and just see Sienna as a hot mom in a bikini romping along the beach. I know it won’t be easy, but you must. You must. Enjoy.


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