Sienna Miller An Arm Drop Away from Sextastic Perfection

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bill-swift - June 6, 2016

Sienna Miller is as playful as a pussycat. One I'd like to stroke like no other feline. The Britty blonde thespianic and sextastic 30-something may have given up much of her femme fatale and more exhibitionist roles in films for more serious content, but her passion inducing powers of fair haired and hot bodied persuasion have hardly diminished.

Featured in this magazine pictorial aimed at the lady folk and pimping shizz to buy to be more popular and socially awarded, Sienna Miller shows the power of a tease even when not overtly flirting with the males of the species. Her covered topless pose in particular is the stuff of growing Sienna Miller fantasies. I just came up with eleven idea of what might transpire between an alluring blonde in a skirt and no top and a pasty white blogger for whom the word horny is perhaps the largest understatement of the new millennium. Sienna, you're very nearly perfect. Lower your arm and let us enter heaven together for the next ten minutes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: #15 summer escape