Renee Olstead

Renee Olstead Nipple Pokes for a Return to Ginger Hotness

You know we were pleased as spiked punch a couple years ago now to first introduce Renee Olstead ginger time hotness to the big wide world of male oglers. The vastly underrated redheaded hottie star then of the Secret Life of the American Teenager was growing up fast, a little too fast it seemed, and catching the leers of men far and wide, and most definitely shallow and deep.

Then came the long hiatus from public hotness and a seclusion in the more girl-friendly arena of style and fashion and hipster hats and we kind of lost our magical connection with our not-so-secret ginger crush.

So consider us a tad bit verklempt when we finally saw Renee at the Louder than Words event this week, looking all kinds of hot, and while she has for some unfortunate reason Lindsay’d her hair and lost her ginger locks, her headlights still shone through like magical pointers to happiness through her skin tight orange dress. And that all made it very worthwhile. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more, much more of Renee in the near future. Enjoy.

Renee Olstead, A Snake, An Apple, and Some Ginger Hotness

You know it’s been tragically long since we beheld the red-headed spectacle of sextastic, Renee Olstead, but, now, the original ginger crush is back and more serpentine than ever in these Garden of Egotastic! cleavetastic pictures from the young actress and singer, whose music we’ve seen live, and loved, and whose hotness we hope we have helped introduce and share with the broader gentleman ogling world. She’s back! Enjoy.

(For the complete set of new Renee Olstead pictures check out our musical community partners at Buzznet)

Snake Hole

What’s long, skinny and gripped by Renee Olstead? (Buzznet)

Leighton Meester takes her nipple pokes for a walk. (Celebuzz)

Kim Kardashian goes for a stroll in a short skirt. (INF)

Katie Price injects some cleavage into the literary world. (SocialiteLife)

Denise Richards talks about lesbionic experimenting. (HuffPo)

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox got around. (FoxNews)

Odette Yustman looking all hot and whatnot. (GossipCenter)

Black Magic

Emma Watson in a very leggy dress. (Celebuzz)

Kim Kardashian cleavy magazine cover. (HuffPo)

Is Florence Brudenell-Bruce banging British royalty? (FoxNew)

Or, is Pippa Middleton Prince Harry’s new chambermaid? (GossipCenter)

Lucy Pinder sexy new lingerie video. (AskMen)

Giada De Laurentiis serves some juicy melons. (TheChive)

Our favorite ginger hottie, Renee Olstead, is a bloggin’. (Buzznet)

SECRET GINGER CRUSH MADNESS! Purported Renee Olstead Nekkid and Naughty Pictures Leaked!


(Evening Update: Nothing official, but the Egotastic! community seems very divided as to which of these photos might be our super favorite ginger crush. Many seem to think all, most seem to think some, but not all. Nobody yet weighing in on the side of none. We’ll continue to monitor and update to the best of our ability.)

First, a word of caution. We can’t 100% say for sure that these super sextastic nekkid pictures depict our most favorite secret ginger crush, the super underrated hottie Renee Olstead. But, we can say that we’ve spent hours and hours ogling Renee Olstead and this sure looks like her. Also, the website hosting these photos seems convinced they’re Renee Olstead. To boot, and most importantly, all of the Egotastic! superfans sending us photos believe this is our favorite red hot. So, I mean, do we dare to dream? Dream. Dream. Dream!

Wow, breather. This is an amazing moment. I think my third ball just dropped. If this is indeed Renee Olstead, damn, she looks amazing. She’s everything I dreamed she could be. And, we’re talking thousand of dreams here. But some of the photos, well, they are beyond dreamscape, somewhere in the land of the can’t-even-dare-to-dream. Super beautiful young woman, beautiful body, all kinds of nekkid doing fun little things that only ladies get to do. If there is anybody out there who did not lust Renee Olstead big time before this day, shame on you, and, welcome to the bandwagon. You’re never getting off (as it were). Enjoy.

The Friday Four: Must See Pictures of Candice Swanepoel, Victoria Justice, Nina Dobrev, and Renee Olstead

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Candice Swanepoel making just about the perfect bread for the sextastic sandwich. All that’s needed in the middle is the… well, you get the idea.

Who here would like to have their butt kicked by ridiculously sexy (and almost barely legal) Victoria Justice? Get in line behind me, ready for a tight tummy whooping.

Nina Dobrev is quickly becoming the hottest vampire in the vast vampire saturated media world. I don’t know much about Vampire Diaries, but I know the words – Nina Dobrev sucks – have a very powerful meaning to me.

What can be said of my favorite super not-so-secret ginger crush, Renee Olstead, other than she’s no longer ginger (for now), but hotter than ever. She literally stole the Golden Globe Awards night after parties and I cried like a child. Enjoy.

10 Sexy Celebrities We Added to the Egotastic! Family in 2010 I Can’t Wait to See More of in 2011


Gretchen shook me awake this morning atop the office couch with a six-fingered slap to the face. She was alarmed that I’d yet to put up a Top 10 list of 2010 of some kind for the final day of the year. I don’t really like Top 10 lists so much, everybody does them, some are good, but, you know, I’m a forward looking guy. So, she said, that’s it. Be forward looking. Make a list of newly introduced Egotastic! sexy celebrities in 2010 that you expect to be even hotter in 2011. Well, thank God for Gretchen who does most of my thinking on days when I’m hungover (or thinking about becoming hungover).

Herein is my list of 10 hotties, unranked (I can’t possibly favor one over another) we added to the ranks in 2010 that I can’t wait to see more of in 2011. I’ve included all new pictures and videos of these sexy celebrities, because, well, this is Egotastic!

Mind you, this is an abridged list. Which basically means I’m too lazy to make a complete list and ten is enough, though the list could be much longer (so do not fret if you don’t see one of your new favorites, only the sexy celebrities make the site in the first place and they’ll all be back in 2011). Enjoy.


Stunning beauty who turns 18 in February of the coming year. Let us pray she goes all Miley.


I can’t possibly compile a list of new sextastic celebrities without a shoutout to my unknowing future bride, not so long as I can pretend she keeps sending me wedding night costume ideas.


How I Met Cobie Smulders. She was long overdue to make the site in 2010. I’m crossing my fingers for some R-rated content in 2011.

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