Renee Olstead

Scarlett Johansson, Renee Olstead, and Audrina Patridge Drop the Tinsel Town Sexy at ‘The Avengers’ Premiere

Less than two weeks now until The Avengers hits the big screen and Hollywood threw a big old fashioned hottie bash last night at Graumann’s Chinese Theater to celebrate the premiere. With Disney in lead ownership position, not only were the film stars present, but everybody connected to any Disney show anywhere in the history of time and space was pushed before the cameras in a major Mouse House pimptacular event. Still, we don’t mind.

Not when the array of hotties grows even larger by sheer volume. Leading the pack last night in the sextastic red carpet department was Scarlett Johansson, natch, The Black Widow, who even though she’s closed up her shell a bit since her rough times last year, can not hide her inner hotness. In addition to ScarJo, we found ourselves getting tingly over our former ginger crush, Renee Olstead, BBT starlet Cobie Smulders, pumpkin headed hottie, Audrina Patridge, and the latest Disney starlet pipeline future hottie, Bella Thorne, who is far too young to associate with tingles (but put them in a box for a few years down the road when we can pull them out again).

It was quite the thing last night. Expect a monumental box office showing from The Avengers. Enjoy.

Renee Olstead Owns the Red Carpet Again With Smiles and Boobs and Everything In Between

Our former ginger crush turned blonde young Hollywood hottie, Renee Olstead, took the prize again on yet another red carpet, this time at the Advocate’s 45th anniversary party, wherein Renee used a combo of cleavage and minxish model half-smile to take our doughnut filled breath away.

While we await the inevitable (and highly prayed for) return to official redhead status, we do so with a Renee Olstead crush that could easily blossom into full blown libidinal meltdown. We want it so bad it physically hurts betwtixt our belt and our shoes. Enjoy.

Renee Olstead Is Fairest of Them All At ‘Mirror Mirror’ Premiere

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the hottest ginger crush of all?

Well, it used to be our redhead fireplug Renee Olstead, before she went off and got the red right out of her hair. Still, Renee looked all kinds of wicked hot last night at the premiere of Mirror Mirror, the softer-gentler one of the two Snow White movies out this season. Okay, so maybe the blonde hair does work well with the Snow White theme, but before we can return to referring to Renee as our perfect ten (as in, come over at ten, we’ll have the bubbly chilling), we must see her drapes match the (red) carpet.

I can barely begin to count the number of sextastic blondes in Tinsel Town, but ginger hotties, that I can do on one well-worn hand. Enjoy.

Renee Olstead and Jenna Dewan Drop Serious Red Carpet Heat at ’21 Jump Street’ Premiere

I know hot-bodied Jenna Dewan was at the 21 Jump Street premiere last night to support her husband and film co-star, Channing Tatum, but I’m not exactly sure why our super secret (former) ginger crush Renee Olstead was there, and, frankly, I don’t care, I’m just glad she was, because she looked all kinds of ‘dang hot’.

We have a plan to take the entire Egotastic! staff, including those with questionable legal statuses and one with a clearly infectious disease, to see 21 Jump Street on Friday, but I’d gladly thrown them all under the bus  if Renee agreed to go with me. She butters my popcorn, if you know what I’m saying. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Eniko Mihalik Topless, Stacy Keibler Fine-Arsed, Hannah Simone Nip Slip on New Girl, and Much Much More…

Naughty Naughty Readers!

Oh yes, our most favorite time of the week, our four-times monthly Christmas as we see it, the moment at which Kismet meets Karma meets a whole lot of hot celebrity skin thanks to the Magellan like circumnavigation of the nekkid celebrity world at the hands of our own Readers, digging deep and wide for some shots of the deep and wide to share with their millions of peers. I think I’m going to cry.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the newly discovered talents of Eniko Mihalik on full display, equally luscious breaking big model Nina Agdal  topless, Elizabeth Gillies exceptionally hot, Brittney Palmer sexy re-creation of Showgirls poses, musically inclined Skylar Grey sideboob, TOWIE sister Billie Faiers topless swimming pool party, Hannah Simone slipping nip on New Girl, Stacy Keibler fine-arsed, Renee Olstead cleavetastic, and Saskia de Brauw model hot and flashing puppies. It’s all so profoundly non-puritanical.

Check Out All the Naughty Reader Finds »

Victoria Beckham Grabs Eva Longoria Funbags To Lead Sextastic Celebrity Twitpic Roundup

Bear with us, wait, make that, bare with us, as we skipped a week in our Twitpic roundups so this week’s edition is especially robust, if you will. There are some remarkable photos provided by the self-publishing hands of celebrities who when they can’t get enough attention, stoke some more by distributing their own private and personal photos, often quite intimate. Which, we just happen to love.

This week’s roundup includes the seriously gaunt Victoria Beckham fondling Eva Longoria at an Oscar weekend party, Coco showing why she’s the Twitpic queen, Sofia Vergara getting dressed, Nina Agdal personal bikini pics, and much more more…

All must sees. Check them out. And, enjoy

Renee Olstead and Olivia Munn Highlight Our List of Hotties at ‘Vanities’ Event

We have surely missed our good friend and former ginger crush, Renee Olstead. So mighty fine to see her decked out once more and alongside fanboy faptastic favorite Olivia Munn at last night’s Vanity Fair ‘Vanities’ event, which was to celebrate something important for something, but mostly just an excuse to bring out a ton of Hollywood hotties and put them through their red carpet paces.

Whenever we see two ridiculously sexy celebrities together, we inevitably imagine some type of human sandwich, with the Egotastic! meat finally achieving its ultimate purpose, but in the case of these two lovely ladies, today I’m thinking open faced deliciousness. Remember, there’s never a bad time to compare hot women to tasty food. Enjoy.