Renee Olstead

Renee Olstead Bikini, McKayla Maroney Cleavy, Maria Menounos Bikini Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Whoa, baby. Consider celebrity bikini season in full swing. Not that it ever truly ebbs, but it definitely flows a bit more broadly here in the warm summer months, as evidenced by todays bevy of bathing beauty celebrities posting pictures of themselves on social media. Some old friends, some new friends, some mostly nekkid friends, it really is the Easter basket meats Christmas morning here when we check out all the hot shared candids celebrity pictures of the week.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Sofia Vergara tanning in a two piece, McKayla Maroney doing her cute and cleavy thing, Renee Olstead back with a boobtastic vengeance, Tara Lipinski bikini booty, Maria Menounos bikini suntanning, Katy Perry bikini kitsch, Emma Roberts bikini vacation, Bella Thorne bikini in love, and much much more. You owe it to poor Anna Kendrick who says nobody ever asks her out on dates to check out each and every one of these socially shared sextastic candids. Enjoy.

Renee Olstead Blonde Kitschy Hotness

At some point, our ginger crush Renee Olstead was lost and gone forever. She was an up and coming star so red and right in our universe, like the formation of a new solar system about to unfold. But then this or that happened and maybe some shrinkage and the loss of the ginger locks and everything kind of went to pieces. Hey, the sextastic game is not for everyone, it’s rough and tumble and dicey and dangerous and for some reason smells like cinnamon. The point being, some of our very hottest finds often drop in and out of our radar, it happens all the time. We were sad when it happened to Renee.

Now Renee is up to her favorite memes, retro kitschy visuals, including platinum blonde teased up hair and throwback wardrobe and stylings, and a whole bunch of other artistic choices that we will never quite understand in these Lori Anne photos. Nevertheless, underneath it all remains the original ginger crush, a beacon of red heat still yearning to be freed. And, yes, that curvaceous killer form. Enjoy.

Renee Olstead Blonde (Which Kills Us) but Cleavy (Which Brings Us Back to Life)

Well, what can you do? Our secret ginger lust crush back to being blonde in public, BUT… oh, that delicious body of Renee Olstead, back and showing off at a W Magazine red carpet, full duty cleavage with her killer smile and just making us wish, oh, how we wish, for the return of the original ginger.

We hate to look a super hot gift horse in the mouth, but, please, Renee, bring back the red. The world needs it now more than ever. Enjoy.

Renee Olstead Returning to Red and Sextastic in Regard Magazine

While our formerly ginger secret lust crush, Renee Olstead, has not quite yet reverted back to her pure redheaded form, we’ll accept the pseudo-red and the hot bodied views of the sextastic singer and thespianic as she appears in Regard magazine this month.

We love Renee’s smile in her photo spreads as it allows us to desperately imagine that she’s thinking about us as she’s posing for the cameras. A stretch? Perhaps, but when it comes to the Egotastic! fantasy meter, Renee Olstead sends our thermometers well past the red and into bursting levels. Enjoy.

Renee Olstead, a Return to Red, a Return to That Delightful Tingle

Well, it’s not exactly back to the natural ginger yet, but baby steps as our original redheaded crush Renee Olstead just exited from the land of blondes back into the realm of the fiery reds.

Consider us in Ready to Tingle mode….

Renee Olstead Busty Goodness Breaksout on Red Carpet for Assassins Creed III Launch

Perhaps the highlight of the week’s sextastic news was notice from Renee Olstead herself that on November 3, 2012, our original ginger lust crush will be returning to her natural state of redheadedness. Fireplug topped to match the rest of her bodacious form.

We are counting the days, hours, and minutes.

In the interim, we can grab an eyeful of the busty young thespianic and singer from her appearance on the red carpet of the Assassin’s Creed III launch party last night in Hollywood. A bunch of hottie were out in full force, but our mojo was swayed toward the hefty huggables on Renee, and when she goes back to ginger, I think we’re going to need to enter a permanent state of medication. Enjoy.

Renee Olstead Nipple Slips Her Way Back Into Our (Future) Ginger Loving Hearts

Renee Olstead Nip Slips at Dita Von Teese Collection Launch Party in LA
Click to See Uncensored

We got some great news last week from Renee Olstead herself that our former ginger secret lush crush would once again, soon, be returning to her firebrand red topped self. Oh, that was happy news around these parts. We threw a little celebration, and by that I mean we wedgied the new tech intern, juvenile, but it’s never lost its grade school charm, especially when they squeal.

But, now, hark, an even better surprise perhaps as Renee had a little wardrobe malfunction (err, ogler good fortune) as her corset top pushed up her lovely pair to the point of a nipple slip at the Dita Von Teese Collection Launch Party in L.A. We’re quite sure that famed burlesque dancer Dita could relate to such a public exposure, only Dita gets paid to work such magic. As for Renee, she’ll have to settle for our undying and unrequited affections. Enjoy.