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Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? Oh, Ronda, Olivia, and Emily in Various State of Undress (VIDEO)

I think I meant to share this with you over the weekend but I’m kind of remembering basketball and cocktails and then losing interest in things related to anything other than the couch. I’m pretty sure I would’ve slept until Tuesday if my trusted dog Mr. Bottomfingers doesn’t start biting at my privates when he needs to whizz badly. But, I’m learning to live up to my word. So, for those of you who asked, or those of you who wish to celebrate Earth Day by checking out some ridiculously hot celebrity ladies in motion, here’s what I’ve just been watching (well, was on Sunday), I’m only human.

Well, today it’s Ronda Rousey taking off her top for Buffalo jeans (sorry about the dude), Emily Ratajkowski see-through sextastic touching herself goodness, and Olivia Wilde in desperately hot shape and showing off. Menage-a-quatre at Bill’s house. Ronda, Emily, Olivia, oh my god. My mind just exploded. I think that was my mind. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Olivia Wilde Boobtastic, Dianna Agron Nip Slip, Alyssa Arce Topless Dreams, and Much Much More…

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Hello happy Reader Finds day. Friday. A day of great hope and opportunity. Also, the day I’m taking my taxes to H&R Block so they can laugh and ask me if that’s really all I make. Those bastards simply aren’t tactful. I feel like Carrie at the prom. But nothing can spoil my mood when it comes time to open up the velveteen purse strings and birth the weekly goodies provided by you, the readers, to all of us, also readers. It’s the most glorious of gifting parties and it happens here weekly without a hint of selfish concern. It’s what gives me hope for humanity’s future. Also, tons and tons of hot celebrity skin.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the delightfully hot mammaries of Olivia Wilde pre-baby and marriage days (thank you to EgoReader ‘Arness), sweet hot model Thais D’Lima quite see-through to the funbags (much ado about hotness from ‘David M.’), Sigourney Weaver topless in one of her latter day roles (Sig’s sea monsters thanks to ‘Evan’), Rinko Kikuchi topless through torn top (titillations via ‘Owen J.’), more looks at belusted Reese Witherspoon topless and booty in Wild (oh, my, these mammaries stick around, from ‘Benjamin’), and more looks at Dakota Johnson being spanked topless in 50 Shades (BDSMagnificas courtesy of ‘The David’), hot model Lada Kravenchko braless and sweet to the sight (lovely young thing dropped off by ‘Darren E.’), throwback to 70′s siren Kay Lenz topless (au natural natties via ‘Stephen’), Kate Winslet topless making the sexy (bulging Brits thanks to ‘Elaina’), Juno Temple topless in a siren’s sexy role (love me my Temple topless, kudos ‘Aaron’), Jackie Swanson topless in the under-appreciated opening moments of LW1 (so tender are her nuggets, provided by ‘Lenceion’), Hailey Clausen bikini ta-ta’s behind the scenes of SI (water plus hot girl plus boobtastic equals epic, thanks ‘Dave T.’), my future wife Edita Vilkeviciute topless in one awesome short silly art film (my bridal treats looking finer, via ‘Scott’), Dianna Agron nip slip, seems to be real (twin thanks to ‘David M.’ and ‘Thomas’), what might just be topless naughty sex pics from Diana McCollister of the new A&E show, Neighbors with Benefits (thank you, ‘Anon’), Charlie Riina my newly belusted in quite the sextastic pose downs (kind snaps from ‘Ellington’), and last, but heavenly not possibly least, the bodaciously bosomed Alyssa Arce topless behind the scenes of her Playboy automobile fun time video. Are any of these must-sees? These are all must-sees. You must make the time. It’s sort of your duty to check out this booty. Enjoy.

Olivia Wilde Models Braless For H&M

Legendary beauty Olivia Wilde did some modeling for H&M and forgot to wear a bra. Well, I’m sure she didn’t forget as much as she made a conscious choice to share her unencumbered cleavage with us all. I for one am all about it. Olivia is hot in so many ways but I really do enjoy her perfect plump little bosom. It’s just right for her frame. Olivia doesn’t need bigger boobage because she’s the whole friggin package, my friends. My favorite pic is the one where she is wearing just a blazer. There is something about a woman wearing no shirt and a jacket that is just plain ‘ol sexy. It’s like when a woman puts on a man’s shirt after knocking boots. It’s just hot.

Although I seriously doubt that Olivia shops at H&M, I sure hope that it encourages sexy ladies to shop there. If so I will definitely be there to help them in and out of their clothes.

Photo Credit: H&M

Olivia Wilde Is Bikiniriffic And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Olivia Wilde in a bikini is milftacularly doable. (Huffington Post)

Kobe’s wife Vanessa Bryant‘s Christmas card is giving me a yulelog in my trousers. (TMZ)

Martha Hunt sports some camel toe in her bikini. (Drunken Stepfather)

A day without Alessandra Ambrosio in a bathing suit is like a day without sunshine. (Hollywood Tuna)

Michea Crawford in lingerie looks better than your girlfriend. (Popoholic)

Motherhood has endowed Mila Kunis with super boobs. (The Superficial)

Denise Schaefer in panties? Don’t mind if I do. (COED)

Olivia Wilde Bikini Pictures Show Off the Freshly Minted MILFtastic Hottie

If you don’t lust Olivia Wilde, you probably can’t be my friend. How can we be buddies with such a basic fundamental understanding that Olivia Wilde even post baby, or, especially post baby in my own case, is wicked hot and currently fulfilling at least seventeen simultaneous naughty dreams in my mind as I ogle her paddleboarding in a bikini in Hawaii.

Maui to be exact where the passion inducing slender actress and model was working the board, flashing her obviously well-recovered now MILFtastic body, and generally give hard-ons to the local fish population, not to mention gentleman oglers lined up along the beach. The only thing better than Olivia Wilde is a wet Olivia Wilde, much like the only thing better than Olivia Wilde in a bikini is Olivia Wilde in nothing. I don’t like superlatives, but I do engage heavily in comparatives. Olivia Wilde, you are better than brownies. There, I said it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet

Lizzy Caplan, Emily Ratajkowski, and Olivia Wilde All Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Mr. Skin Minute for October 3, 2014
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The good and flesh on film loving folks at Mr. Skin have really outdone themselves this week with a ribald and richly ta-ta filled sixty seconds of the best skin on small and big screen this weekend. It’s not that you can’t enjoy entertainment bereft of faptastic funbags, it’s just, why would you even try when you have options. Not many people choose the cold shower when the hot works perfectly fine.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Emily Ratajkowski who will be topless in Gone Girl on the big screen but famously was topless already in her Robin Thicke video, Lizzy Caplan and Breaking Bad’s Betsy Brandt both topless on the season finale of Masters of Sex, and Olivia Wilde flashing her sweet’ums full frontal and some nice rear in Third Person now out in theaters and OnDemand. It’s a hoopla of the hooters of some of the finest ladies in the land. You really shouldn’t pass it up.

And, naturally, while delighting in the Skin for sixty seconds, consider a full-time Ego discounted membership to Mr. Skin and their content vaults of unending celebrity skin. Sixty seconds is fun, sixty hours is more of a religious experience. Enjoy.

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Olivia Wilde Topless Luscious Treats and Bum Peeks in Third Person

Olivia Wilde Topless Screencaps in Third Person
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I think this film was in the can for a while before making a festival run last year then ultimately being released this summer to a very minimal audience. In short, while indie film Third Person got raked over the coals by critics, nobody really stopped to say, hey, wait, Olivia Wilde is topless in this movie. That’s why you have us here. It’s out job to remember this actually happened and share it with you.

This is clearly the sextastic Olivia Wilde pre-baby, not that she won’t once again soon have a spectacular body with her blessed genes and no doubt strict workout regimen. But to see one of the most often overlooking super hotties of Hollywood with her perky pair out there for perfect ogling, well, who cares what the critics say, I call this a tour de force performance. I’m forcing a performance as we speak. That’s rude, but, Olivia Wilde funbags! Enjoy.