Olivia Wilde Tight Jeans in LA

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aldo-vallon - February 8, 2018

Olivia Wilde and her friend look like they are on their way to a Pearl Jam album cover shoot. I have not seen a t-shirt tucked into jeans since New Year's Eve 1999. Immediately following midnight everyone un-tucked their shirts like they were tearing off their burkas after ISIS had just been driven from town. It truly was a beautiful moment since we all knew we would never be forced to live under that sort of oppressive demand put upon our shirts again.

They do wear the look well. They have me thinking about digging out my old flannel shirt again from storage, and listening to some Alannis Morissette for old times sake. I knew it was smart to not throw those things out, everything comes back into style eventually.

If Olivia was really trying to pull off the look of the '90s then the waist of those jeans needs to be at least nine inches higher. I'm surprised she decided to settle on the length that she did. It is as easy now as it has ever been to find high waisted jeans, they are on the racks of every Gap store.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA