Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger Poses All Kinds of Slinky Hot

You could do worse than having Nicole Scherzinger model your slinky dresses. You could do worse than having her private modeling the Emperor’s New Clothes in your bedroom late one Saturday evening. On the off chance that latter moment doesn’t come to fruition, settle into this Misguided Collection for Fall 2014 with Nicole showing how hot their clothes can look on one super sextastic woman with an absolutely perfect body. Misguided indeed.

Nicole Scherzinger can’t possibly qualify as underrated, but let’s just say she doesn’t get all the attention she deserves for being a world class especially amazing looking woman. I would give her such attention if I ran this world. I’d even document such attention on cell phone video and upload it to my iCloud account with the password ‘BillGetsLucky’.  Just saying, in case the hackers are reading. No reason you can’t release those tapes. Enjoy.


Nicole Scherzinger Bikini Yacht Fun Time Off the Coast of Spain

The hot girls on a yacht summer motif continues as X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger showed off her pussycat dolls in a flattering bikini whilst recreating on a yacht in Formentera. Naturally, I’ll withhold my sentiment about the lucky bastards who can invite sextastic world class model ladies onto their sloops in the warm season and just focus on the perfectly teasing bikini body on the dancer and music judge. Nicole Scherzinger really has some sweet sweet curves.

Nicole Scherzinger in stripes is something I’d paddle my dinghy far and wide to behold. Thanks to modern technology, I don’t have to break a sweat, unless I choose to, ogling Nicole all wet and passion inducing climbing out of the water in stripes. Like one wicked hot water nymph. I must go now and retire to the shower that is cold. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Busting Out All Over

Nicole Scherzinger and her crazy hot body have been all over London of late, showing off in low cut and bare midriff tops, flashing her racktastic and gloriously sculpted booty for the perfect British summer ogling party.

Many people may not know that Nicole is a multi-talented dancer and singer and TV show judge and a bunch of other things that are impossible to remember as you’re imagining her being your girlfriend on a warm summer night at the drive-in. Okay, so they don’t have drive-ins around much anymore, but that’s probably not your biggest blank to fill in in terms of getting your hands into Nicole’s top. Oh, that I would not desperately try. So hot. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Busty Bare-Midriff Hot Bodied Passion Inducement in London

Nicole Scherzinger has the absolutely perfect mix of exotic looks, hot body, and the willingness to show off in public that this world needs so much more of, if it is ever to meet my insatiable demands.

Nicole was on a simple promotional visit to ITV and decided to make the most of her incredible gifts in the visual wonderment department by wearing a tight, bare-midriff top, and a form fitting skirt that showed off her singer-dancer booty. I have to imagine before she leaves her house and steps outside she gives herself one last look in the mirror, with a nod to the mirror, ‘Yes, this will give all the men some royal stiffees’. That’s the true nature of a giver right there. One crazy hot and fine female formed giver. I’m pretty sure I could sculpt her a stature without need for a chisel. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk, Heidi Klum, Nicole Scherzinger And More Hotties At AMFAR Gala

The AMFAR gala at the Cannes Film Festival was a veritable smorgasbord of hotness. Sweet lord there were boobs galore. Irina Shayk wore a pink dress that showed off not only deep cleav but also most of her sexy legs. Legendary hottie Heidi Klum was also on hand in a blue dress with a plunging neckline that showed off the inner sides of her funbags and a deep slit that revealed her fabulous Teutonic legs. Bombshell singer Nicole Scherzinger was there in a black dress that basically only covered her nips, so there was side and top boob all over the place. In addition, classic beauty Sharon Stone was at the event and she seems to have forgotten her bra at home. Needless to to say that the slit in the front of her dress made us relive our teenage Basic Instinct fantasies. What can I say about Rosario Dawson’s cleavage-filled dress with peek-a-boo window to her ta-tas? Yes, please is what I can say! Michelle Rodriguez also brought along her sideboobs. Basically, what I’m telling you is that everyone had their ladies out. Lara Stone basically wore a push-up bra and Dita Von Teese wore one of her typical sideboobtacular dresses. Kylie Minogue might as well have just come shirtless. And Alessandra Ambrosio? She was busting out all over.

If all of these spectacular ladies and their sideboobs didn’t raise enough money then nothing will.

Nicole Scherzinger Gets Raunchy For Her New Music Video

The lovely Nicole Scherzinger was having a wet and wild time shooting her new music video in Malibu. She wore a couple of different outfits, each more revealing than the last one. One of them was basically just a lacy bustier set, you know, the kind your girlfriend only wears on your birthday. She covered this with a see through nighty that will give me some sweet dreams tonight. The second outfit is so short that you can see her panties. Because she is rolling around in the surf, the panties are wet and you can almost see through them to her lady bits. The rest of the time she’s just hanging out in a towel, presumably because she’s naked in some shots. I don’t know what song this video is for nor do I really care, it’s my new favorite video. I’ve had a major love for Nicole in my bathing suit area since she was with the Pussycat Dolls. Who can forget their choreographed burlesque dances in their underwear? I can’t.

I’ve always wanted to direct music videos myself but the only offers I ever get are for goofy looking rappers and hipster bands. How do I get the hot girl sex video directing gigs?

Nicole Scherzinger Sextastic Photoshoot in Sunny California

I’m not exactly sure who Nicole Scherzinger is getting all dolled up for, but I’m going to just assume she’s trying to impress me. Well, it’s working Nicole. Watching the former Pussycat Doll and current X-Factor judge model for the cameras in various outfits I would kill to see her in in a more intimate setting, Nicole showed why she’s first and foremost a naturally alluring beauty, you know, before all that other silly stuff she does.

One day, I hope I’m in the position to pick out wardrobe for Nicole. It will be a whole lot of birthday suit, followed by some tiny indecent type silky things with my name probably embroidered on them. That’s pretty much going to be my full fashion line for the ridiculously hot ladies. I bet she wears them well. Enjoy.