Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr WonderBody Used to Pimp the WonderBras

Here’s an idea. If you’re selling bras and panties, why not get one of the hottest women in the entire world with an outrageously hot body to make your undergarments look simply stellar? There, I just saved you an untold amount of money on marketing and advertising ideating and social influencing and brainstorming. Voila. Hot bodies equal hot bras.

Miranda Kerr has been doing might fine for herself since leaving the Victoria’s Secret stables, picking up numerous key lingerie modeling contracts because she’s simply one of the finest lingerie models in the world. Simply perfect. She’s currently putting the wonder in Wonderbra, making every bit of underwear look like it was painted on by Michelangelo, which is my porn stage name for those not in the know. I’m not business genius, but I’m a boobs and butt genius and I know Miranda Kerr is going to boost sales among women and some other kinds of boosting among men I can’t mention explicitly because this is a family friendly site. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Ever Uber-MILFtastic Goodness for Glamour

I’m going to just come right out and say it. Miranda Kerr is an exceptionally good looking woman who I’d let marry me to make a baby, or seven, and then leave me to my fond memories. I’m so good with that. The uber-MILFtastic model got found by our Egotastic! radar on the pages of Glamour Russia where her lady like lovely looks shined through the colorful pages. Miranda isn’t just an attractive woman, she’s mesmerizing.

Someday, Miranda, you and I shall have five minutes alone for me to mumble something incoherently meant to express my undying passions, you will say ‘what?’ and I’ll just smile because I’ll take that as a yes. Life is so much better when you see things through your fantasy lenses. Miranda, I’m seeing you right now. Spectacular. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Shines in Glamour Russia November 2014

Miranda Kerr Goes Super Deep on Cleavage To Make Fashion Week Interesting

Another day, another Fashion Week. And for all my bitching, yet another chance to see tons of the world’s hottest models trying to outdo each other both on the catwalk and in the audience. That’s not such a bad thing really. In fact it’s a really great thing when the likes of uber-MILFtastic Miranda Kerr shows up to some hoity-toity show in a plunging neckline that plunges straight to my happy nether regions.

The Aussie model and world class hot divorcee was showing off an acre or two of her chesty goodness behind some frock I’m sure costs more than my paycheck. My annual paycheck. Nevertheless, I’d trade all my earthy riches, or about $78.22, for a chance to help Miranda Kerr test the funbag containing worthiness of her gown. How those lovely peaches stay in their crates I do not know. But I wish they hadn’t. What a delicious sight indeed. Fashion doesn’t have to be boring, it just usually is. Today, Miranda Kerr does her best to make it compelling for men as well. Well played, good woman. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Uses Sextastic Appeal to Pimp Denim (VIDEO)

I couldn’t possibly name you more than two jeans companies, but apparently there are like a thousand, for women mostly, and they use wicked hot body ambassadors like Miranda Kerr to pimp their pantaloons. And why not choose Miranda Kerr to pimp just about anything related to the female body. She happens to have a pretty damn nice one. While she’s been in the news of late in betwixt two tools claiming her as their past prize, it’s best just to think of Miranda as the topless woman who can make you feel special enough to get your credit card out and start buying anything that touches her skin.

Check out this Sebastian Faena photoshoot of Miranda pushing 7Obssession jean things and the related photoshoot. You may never been the same. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Puts Her Tiny Waist On Display in NYC

Australian model Miranda Kerr showed off her ridiculously sexy bare-midriff in New York City. Miranda was sporting a black crop top shirt that stopped right below the ta-tas and showed off her award winning belly. And why shouldn’t she? If you had a stomach as perfect as Miranda’s, you would too. It’s so tiny and toned. I don’t even know how it is humanly possible to have that smooth and perfect a belly. It must be mostly genetics, exercise, and not eating like I do, I imagine. Miranda is seriously sexy, though. She could wear a potato sack and a fishing hat and still be the sexiest girl in the room, even if that room was filled with other supermodels.

Miranda should put out a video on how to get a stomach like hers. She’d make a ton of money. I want my cut for coming up with the idea.

Miranda Kerr Shows A Little Cleavage In NYC

Australian model Miranda Kerr was looking cleavetastic in a low cut dress in New York City. Miranda was out and about in the big bad city and forgot to bring her bra. But that’s OK. We have very lax laws about flashing boob flesh here in New York. Technically, you can walk around topless. We weren’t lucky enough for Miranda to go full exposure but the of lovely cleavage she did show off is plenty. Miranda is so unbelievably hot. Of all the Victoria’s Secret angels that have flown through our lives on their lingerie covered wings Miranda might be my favorite. She’s just so gorgeous, ya’ll, no joke. What I like most about her is that unlike a lot of her model friends Miranda has a really nice rack. They aren’t too big or too small but just right. Like the porridge Goldilocks ate but with boobies.

I really need to start writing my posts in sidewalk cafes in the fashionable parts of town so I can see all of these beautiful women walking the streets of New York. It’s a much better view than looking at my cat in my apartment in Brooklyn.