Melissa Riso

Melissa Riso Sextastic Hot and Covered Topless for Kandy Delights

We first met model Melissa Riso last year doing a series of bikini shoots about the beaches and skylines of Los Angeles. Now, she’s back and bolder, err, more revealing than ever in one wicked hot pictorial for Kandy magazine. Not only is Melissa showing off her stellar female form, she’s holding parts of it that are genuinely making me quite jealous of her hands.

Melissa is one of those girls dying to blow up in the hot modeling world. She seems to have the allure and charms to climb higher in this cat-eat-cat business. She definitely has the body. I can’t wait to see where she’s headed, especially if it’s into even less bits of clothing. Enjoy.

Melissa Riso Bikini Pictures Continue to Impress in Purple

I’m not exactly sure that’s a bikini you’d see a woman wear outside of a Vegas pool party, but up and coming model Melissa Riso makes it all work in a Los Angeles photoshoot, filling out every nook and cranny of that two piece with her ridiculously hot nooks and cranny fillers.

I feel like we’ve known, and/or, been leering at Melissa Riso’s body for a long time now, but it’s just been a couple months. Already I have to place her near the top of my list for girls I’d most like to see wash my car in a sheer white t-shirt and short shorts with a bucket of sudsy water. She’s so much hotter than the chunky guy who does it now. Enjoy.

Melissa Riso Sextastic Strappy Thing in Hollwood Photoshoot

I’ll say this for Melissa Riso, if her plan was to vault herself from obscurity to object d’ lust for many of our readers by the simple plan of appearing in a wildly alluring photoshoot each week, well, that plan is basically working. It seems so simple, yet, it’s so elusive for many.

In her latest incarnation, Melissa looks like she’s set to attend some upscale celebrity domme party, or maybe just shop along Rodeo Drive looking tres avante garde. Either way, somebody spent hours making Melissa look smoky, which is more than enough reason to share her once more with you.

She seems to be a climber. She’s giving me some climbing idea of my own. I’m excited to see what’s next. Enjoy.

Melissa Riso Bikini Pictures for Another Climb on the Hot Bikini Body List

I guess we kind of introduced up-and-coming model and thespianic Melissa Riso, so we’re kind of obliged to keep bringing you her best and most sextastic moments. I’m guessing you won’t mind. Like her new bikini shoot from Hollywood, where the brunette with the unmistakable centerpiece tattoo shows off one stellar bikini body by the pool.

You know how poorly underutilized the poolside couch is as a piece of outdoor furniture. I’m just happy to see the old fellow get a little taste of Melissa Riso oiled and tanned in her skimpy bikini. Everybody needs a little sextastic, even inanimate objects. Enjoy.

Melissa Riso Bikini Pictures Excited To Meet You

Once in a while we have to give a shoutout to the up and coming celebrities, well the ones who look as hot as Melissa Riso in her bikini during a photoshoot in Malibu yesterday.

Melissa is trying to crack her Hollywood nut as it were, having landed a few magazine covers, commercials, and making her way into some short films. Hard to predict where her star will finally land, but if she were on my casting couch, she’d do quite well. And, no, I don’t mean sexual favors in exchange for jobs. Although I also don’t not mean that. Hey, how do you think I got this job? Enjoy.