Melissa Riso Showcases Her Perfect Body In Curvy Bikini Shoot

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elliot-wolf - November 5, 2018

I don’t know where exactly Melissa Riso is from, but she’s not from around my way, so that means she qualifies as exotic to me. And exotic specimens like her are something I love to look at. She must be on some kind of endangered list because I doubt there are more of her kind out there. She has a beauty that is one of one. And it needs to be protected. I am more than willing to fill that role. If the wildlife need protecting because they are rare, so does a beautiful woman like her. I nominate and elect myself as the CEO of the Melissa Riso Protection Foundation. The ultimate objective is to guard her beautiful body with my life.

Honestly, I get tired of a lot of things. Yard work, hard work, and waking up early just to name a few. But if there’s one thing I can guarantee that I’ll never get tired of, it’s staring at one of the most attractive women walking this Earth. My eyes are always on the prize and Melissa whenever possible. She does more than just make my day, and she’s the best part of waking up. Even better than that coffee company with the same slogan. Because if I had to chose between Melissa in a can or coffee in a can, I’d choose Melissa.


Photo Credit: Splash News