Martha Hunt

Martha Hunt Sexy In Lingerie For Victoria’s Secret

Professional hot person Martha Hunt is unbelievably sexy in these pics for Victoria's Secret. She models a series of provocative bits of underwear. My favorite is the pink nighty thing. It's so naughty, like a sorority girl in an 80's movie. Martha has some pretty spectacular ta-tas. They are the pinnacle of the boobtacular arts. So, she can fill out pretty much anything from a simple bra to a black lace teddy, (yes, please, and thank you). She's also covered topless in a couple of the pictures which makes me very happy in my swim suit era. Is there a happier trip to the mailbox than when the latest Victoria's Secret catalog arrives? Especially if it has talent in it like Martha.

They really do only use the sexiest girls. I remember when I was a lad they used the Naomi Campbells and Cindy Crawfords and Heidi Klums in its pages. Good times.

Sports Illustrated Model Martha Hunt Topless Beach Pictorial for Swimsuit Sales in Italia


Well, hello there European fashion magazine for women where hot models get topless because it's chic. How I do adore your daring do.

American model Martha Hunt won't be seen topless in her Sports Illustrated or domestic magazine shoots, but there she is in all her funbag glory on the pages of Marie Claire Italia showing off for the ladies of The Boot how they might look this summer in their swimsuits at the topless beaches. Maybe a bit smoky on the eye shadow, but, hey, this is a women's magazine. Makeup, accessories, and other nonsense men have little to no time or appreciation to consider.

Still, it's Martha Hunt topless, and with that wicked hot body of hers, well, I'm ready to do a little Italian shopping, from the back of my Vespa, naturally. Enjoy.

Martha Hunt Paddle Balling Bikini Pictures Could Use a Hug, a Sandwich, and Me Begging to Give Her Both

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Martha Hunt definitely leans to the lean side of the ledger, more fashion model body than swimsuit model, but in all cases quite hot and wet and alluring on the beach in Miami. I'd definitely like to take Martha away for a month to the Swiss chalet I will break into and pretend is my own and stuff her full of spiced meats and hearty soups and other things a man might imagine stuffing into the sextastic likes of Martha Hunt. She could use a few lbs. Having said that, I'd never comment on a woman's body weight one way or another, at least not until we had consummated our affections for one another as men and women do both in the bible and letters to Penthouse, take your pick.

Martha, I have great plans for you and your skimpy little bikinis and that lean female form of yours. Let's get started now so I can unveil you two months hence at my annual Flag Day extravaganza. Oh, to unveil Martha Hunt. I'd like that. Enjoy.

Martha Hunt Topless In Arty Pics By Adam Franzino


Former Victoria's Secret model and current sexy beast Martha Hunt showed her funbags in some arty black and white photos taken by Adam Franzino. He's one of those big time fashion photographers that likes to show the female form in the stark truth of black and white or something. That's the magic trick of black and white photography. They are the same chesticles that you'd think were hot in color but it just feels more like art if you shoot in black and white. Your girl can't get mad at you for looking at these pictures because it's like culture and stuff and not just a naked chick. Smooth move, Franzino. Martha has a leather jacket in the shoot that isn't doing a very good job of keeping her covered up. It basically a prop. She might as well be holding an oven mitt or a rubber chicken for all the good it's doing her.

One thing is for sure. She looks like she's cold.

Martha Hunt Is Pretty Damn Hot In Lingerie

For some reason, there just seem to be very few American lingerie models. Maybe this is like one of those industries that used to thrive here in the U.S, but eventually got moved overseas to places like South Africa and Hungary and lots and lots of Brazil. So I'm always a little extra-hyped to see some of our native girls flashing their native hot bits in little swaths of silk and lace.

Martha Hunt is a girl I would do extremely reckless things for. Just name it, Martha, and consider it done. Anything involving spiders or actual hard work excluded, naturally. But after seeing her in this Free People lingerie line collection, well, I might even re-consider that spider prohibition. She is just so damn hot. I can't believe we aren't this very minute in the middle of making many babies. This situation needs to be rectified immediately. Martha, call me, I'm certainly ready. Enjoy.

Martha Hunt and Candice Swanepoel Black and White and Topless Hotness All Artsy Over


I'm not exactly sure why Carolina model Martha Hunt and our uber-sextastic friend Candice Swanepoel are boudoir dressed up then in various states of undress for this meaningful photoshoot for 25 magazine. I could try to interpret the subtle stylistic and artistic tones, but, once the girls start flashing their bare tops, there's little point to deeper meaning. I'll leave that to the scholars who studied important things at important schools.

As for me, it's all about the fine bare female forms of Candice and Martha and imagining just how spruced up my super-mini-mansion would look with the likes of these two draped nekkid over the Ikea furniture. Quite a bit nicer I might add. I'd even put away the loose socks. Enjoy.

Martha Hunt and Samantha Gradoville Topless in the Streets for Stylish Shoot


I'm sure I probably could live without artsy stylish women's magazines if I had to, but why would I want to? Sure, the pages are filled with advertisements and high-browed imagery designed to intrigue women into spending every cent in their means on things that will make them look and feel sophisticated and desirable. Meanwhile, I'd be willing to make most women feel that way for entirely free, just saying. Still, part of this culture involves the use of hot models baring their bodies in eye-popping photoshoots, so this can never ever go away.

Take for instance Martha Hunt and Samantha Gradoville modeling for Antidote magazine, in a photo array that has tremendous meaning I'm sure, but mostly tells me that these are two sextastic models with their tops off in the public square. Now, I happen to find that gives me feelings of sophistication and desirability. I can just feel the synergy between the needs of the different genders. We can all be happy together. Imagine. Enjoy.