Martha Hunt

Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? Oh, Gisele In Her Panties, Rihanna Grinding Girls, and Charlotte McKinney Crazy Swimsuit Cleavage

People often ask me, how do I have the time to watch the latest hottest web videos when I am so busy being partially employed AND running my charity home for runaway teenaged girls with the potential for future modeling. It’s all about time management. Starting with rising by ten am. That’s really the key. And the hardest part of what I do.

But you are beneficiary, for the quintet of videos I’ve been watching here most recently rise to the level of epic sextastic. Short, but sweet, and definitely all of them must-see. You know, if you happen to find the world’s most alluring women mostly undressed to be worthy of your own time. Try on, Gisele Bundchen modeling her own panties and garters and bras, Rihanna grinding and touching women and men on stage in her Dutch concert (I’m pretty sure you can’t do that in the U.S., ashame), Charlotte McKinney crazy hot cleavetastic in her Vanity Fair shoot, Stella Maxwell, Martha Hunt, and Elsa Hosk, the wicked amazing blonde bombshells of Victoria’s Secret in lacy panties, and Hannah Davis flubbing her lines, but perfecting her bikini body behind the scenes of her SI shoot. I would shank any one of you for some closet alone time with any one of these women. I say that will all due kindness, but mostly just sincerity. Enjoy.

Victoria’s Secret Sextastic Blonde Bombshell Campaign

Stella Maxwell, Martha Hunt, Elsa Hosk, just a few of the blonde hotties currently in the Victoria’s Secret stable of the sextastic, in the wings just waiting to be called into service for their silk and lace masters. In the case of the blonde bombshell campaign, V.S. plucked all three of them from the princess beds and told them not to bother to put on any clothes, just come downstairs to be photographed in their undies. What a marvelous mental image

Stella, Martha, and Elsa representing the Nordic wing of the establishment. Busty bombshells with the divine allure of the fair haired healthy racktastic ladies in bras and panties. Such a simple, yet infinitely fine idea. I’d like to have them as the entertainment portion of my next birthday party. Those clowns last year scared the bejesus out of me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret

Martha Hunt Topless in a Skyscraper, Why? Why Not. Just Look

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Vixen tall blonde V.S. model Martha Hunt, a skyscraper, and no top. This is the making of one excellent photoshoot.

Featured in Elle Mexico, a nation not the U.S. so fashion magazines can show fashion models in all their glory, the statuesque Martha Hunt displays her heavenly wares at heavenly heights. If you’re not imagining what it would be like to be trapped on the 70th floor with one sextastic glamorous bit of goodness like Martha Hunt, what the heck are you imagining? Such a stellar set of yams like Mt. Olympus got together to fashion the perfect hooters. Which I believe they do. They must. I’m in lust all over again. Martha, call me from the penthouse. I’ll accept any and all charges. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Elle Mexico

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Victoria’s Secret Angels Show Off Valentine’s Lingerie Collection, Keep Your Bearings

Oh, man, the final two week stretch before Valentine’s Day. Do not bow to the pressure. Look, but do not buy the lingerie. Though Victoria’s Secret has no desire to make this any easier on you. More and more angels like Candice Swanepoel and her girl friends in their bras and panties almost daily now. Pushing you to buy. Stay strong, brother.

I know this is a big time of year for the lingerie maker. If not the biggest. And I know these international models who wear their little bits of silk and lace are ridiculously hot. But stick to flowers. Maybe some dinner. A teddy bear. You buy her clothes and you will have failed. My next venture is going to be an advice book for guys. It’ll be mostly pictures, because let’s face it, that’s our language. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret

Martha Hunt Bikini Pictures Lace and Sexy Peek Filled Moons Over Miami

My dearest Martha. Oh, how you scold me so for not being personally in Miami during the first days of bikini winter.

The Victoria’s Secret hottie Martha Hunt added her asstastic to the list of hot buns and bodies in Miami during the ‘winter’ in the Northern Hemisphere, showing that candidly sextastic V.S. models don’t just look ridiculously hot with makeup and lighting, they do quite well preening along the shores in their vacation time as well. Leering at Martha’s sweet hiney as I’m compelled to admit, I can’t begin to count the thirty or so outstanding candidate this month to date for Best Bikini Body in Miami. This isn’t a competition, this is a war of smoking hot skin. This is only going to get better over Christmas and New Year’s. Be still my doughnut jelly filled vena cava. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF

Martha Hunt Topless And Other fine Things To Ogle

Martha Hunt shows off her thingies in Marie Claire Italy. (Drunken Stepfather)

It’s OK to drool over Lourdes Leon. She’s 18. (TMZ)

Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez AMA performance of “Booty” was Bootyriffic. (Huffington Post)

Emily Ratajkowski has got some righteous cleavage. Righteous. (Hollywood Tuna)

Lana Del Ray steams up the latest Maxim cover. (Popoholic)

Lindsay Lohan in a see-through shirt is hot again, yeah! (The Superficial)

Natalie Dormer covered topless. That is all. (Dlisted)

Martha Hunt Sexy In Lingerie For Victoria’s Secret

Professional hot person Martha Hunt is unbelievably sexy in these pics for Victoria’s Secret. She models a series of provocative bits of underwear. My favorite is the pink nighty thing. It’s so naughty, like a sorority girl in an 80′s movie. Martha has some pretty spectacular ta-tas. They are the pinnacle of the boobtacular arts. So, she can fill out pretty much anything from a simple bra to a black lace teddy, (yes, please, and thank you). She’s also covered topless in a couple of the pictures which makes me very happy in my swim suit era. Is there a happier trip to the mailbox than when the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog arrives? Especially if it has talent in it like Martha.

They really do only use the sexiest girls. I remember when I was a lad they used the Naomi Campbells and Cindy Crawfords and Heidi Klums in its pages. Good times.