Martha Hunt Tanned Hot Cleavage at Victoria’s Secret

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bill-swift - August 2, 2017

Martha Hunt brought her own hot V.S. body to a Victoria's Secret store to pimp something or other that is already touching her heavenly body and therefore something I want badly. Sure, they laugh at me when I enter the mall store lingerie shops and ask for the floor samples, the previously worn by model items. Often times, a burly security guard escorts me toward the exit. But, I am the keeper of the flame and defender of the sextastic faith. Meaning, I sneak back in and try one more.

There's no secret to how Victoria's Secret sells so many bras and panties. Put them on the bodies of cleavetastic alluring ladies like Martha and convince consumers this a visual angel you might approximate for just a few shekels at the register. Works for me. You should see my bills. And that's just to fill my shame closet.

Martha Hunt is a ravishing female form. I'd buy an Adult Nursing Relationship from her if I was drowning. That makes no sense to you, but to me, it's perfect. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News