Martha Hunt for Maxim Australia January 2018

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aldo-vallon - December 28, 2017

  I do not care for this Martha Hunt. She is the type of woman who will ruin any other lady for her ex’s. It would be like getting bumped up to first class on a flight, but before takeoff the steward comes by saying there was a mistake and you will have to go back to economy. How could anyone be satisfied with their later position in life, even if they were to be given an aisle seat? It almost makes me relieved to know I will never experience that level of disappointment. Almost.

I suppose tonight I should pour one out for all the homies that are destined to get a taste of the nectar of the gods, only to have revoked later on. To think, I used to envy those men, but now I pity them. How they don’t throw themselves out of the windows of their million dollar penthouses while wearing their Armani suits is beyond me.

And there is some poor son of a bitch out there that dated this woman when they were teenagers. I cannot think of a better application for peaking early than right here. He can’t even put it on a resume.  


Photo Credit: Maxim Australia