Maria Menounos

Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? Oh, Katy Perry, Adriana Lima, and Maria Menounos Flashing Fun Parts (VIDEOS)

In this week’s edition of, Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching, I truly reveal the inner sanctum of my soul by confessing to the fact that I love smoking hot women who likes to show off their bodies for fun, attention, pay, or any of the myriad of complicated reasons for which I promise not to ask follow ups. When a gorgeous woman starts taking off her clothes, don’t ask her why. Just look heavenward and say a little thanks or something. It’s all kind of theoretical to me.

This weekend I’ve been watching tons of cool short form bits of sextastic. Oh, Erika Mitdank teasing white hot in a white tank top, Sara Jean Underwood eating pizza, drinking Bud, and flashing underboob, Katy Perry shot up-butt in concert flashing tuchus suprema, Adriana Lima nipple slipping during a bikini shoot, Maria Menounos deep bends for her health and ours, Hilary Duff incredibly hot BTS, and Kimberley Garner BTS modeling her own swimwear bikini line. Heck, all that and I didn’t have to pay $100 to watch two sweaty guys jousting. Just the girls. Always, just the girls. Enjoy.

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Maria Menounos Flexible Spandex Bends for Her Health and Ours

Grecian Goddess Maria Menounos has been hiding her perfectly hewn body of late, really since she left Extra and became a seriously celebrity news reporter, though I’m not sure what that title means. Not sure it exists. But Maria’s sextastic appeal and her sweet squeeze worthy hiney definitely do exist and they are back in the latest edition of Health magazine, a bit touched up, but showing off her workout Spandex goodies in fine female fashion.

Maria has certainly been one of our most alluring celebrity passion inducers here these past many years. She just seems to be getting finer and finer with age. Her body is certainly more divine than even before. We can only hope she doesn’t take her day job too seriously and once more returns to us in skin baring form. She’s one of the greats. It’s way too early to retire, Maria. Think of our mental health! No pressure. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Health Magazine

Maria Menunos Works Out In A Bikini

Here’s to hoping beyond hope we get to see Grecian goddess Maria Menounos candidly in a bikini at the beach this New Year’s holiday as we have in the past. Just leering at her sweet special female form in Shape magazine is tantalizing enough, but until we see the ocean blue lapping at her bikini bottoms in real time, I won’t be fully pleased. Am I asking for too much? I think not.

In the interim, feast the peeps upon Maria and her special all over hotness. She didn’t get to the top of her game by being a provocative interviewer or digging deep journalist. She just makes people feel happy. And erect. The combo being quite the job skill if you’ve got the means. I can’t think of a finer shape than Maria so this magazine honor seems rather appropriate. But, seriously, Maria, pack those thongs and get yourself to a tropical island. Daddy has needs. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Shape Magazine

Maria Menounos, Paris Hilton, and Mindy Robinson Lead Booty and Boobtastic Tequila Halloween Party Hotness

Someday, I’d love to run a tequila brand like Casaamigos and have all the hotties in Hollywood show up to my place in cleavy and booty hot costumes that make little sense for grown ups, but every sense in the world for gentleman oglers. I’m not sure at what point Halloween went from being a silly kids holiday centered around cheap costumes and snagging Kit Kats in a pillow case to six-figure parties with adults decked out in professional makeup and wardrobes flashing their flesh, I’m just glad it happened. Halloween has become the single biggest exhibitionist holiday of the year for so many lovely ladies.

The bevy of ghoulish beauties at the Casaamigos party includes Billionaire Barbie and her pushed up mams, Maria Menounos and one G.I. mega booty, Mindy Robinson and her hot all over female form, Kate Hudson squeezably zombie butt, and much more. Granted, it’s not even Halloween until next week, but in places where everybody has their own personal makeup artist and wardrobe assistant, you can bet Halloween becomes and entire week or more of opportunity to dress up. It’s almost like an office party Hollywood style. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Booty Is Whooty With an Attitude for TCA TV Pimping

Somebody hold me. I think I feel a tremor coming on. Holy thumper-tastic views of the Grecian goddess Maria Menounos in a tight skirt and bare midriff top showing off for the The Critics Association summer preview tour. Maria has a new show coming up on E!, So NBCUniversal told her to slip into something a little tighter and create some momentum for her latest TV endeavor. I’d say it worked. Man, oh, man, just look at that whooty packed in so desperately and desirably tight.

Now, there’s little chance I’d ever watch anything on E!. The emasculation factor is just far too frightening. But I’m going to need to find a way to keep my Maria Menounos hot bodied ogling needs filled. I’ll work on some behind the scenes type shots of her ridiculously steamy sexy body. I can’t just go cold turkey on that hot roast beef. Now I’m hungry! Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Gets Physical

Access Hollywood journalist Maria Menounos showed the folks over at Boston Magazine how she stays in such redonkulous shape. She’s sports a series of workout outfits that display her super toned body. The one where she’s using some weird rubber band thing around her thighs is my favorite. She’s got some pretty serious cleavage action going on as she works to tighten up those legs. I’m not sure there is an exercise to make your boobs look bigger or if it’s all genetics. What I do know if that the good Lord in all his infinite wisdom gave Maria quite a rack to work with. She also has a belly button ring which always gets my pressure up. I mean, I like a belly button ring when it’s on a belly like Maria’s. Her mid-riff is crazy tight. Like, six-pack-abs tight.

It always makes me a little jealous when I see a stomach like that because I have more of a 12-pack set of abs myself. Then again, I’m sure a six-pack looks better on her than it would on me.

Ave Maria! Maria Menounos Pimping Fitness Now By Strutting Her Sextastic Stuffings

Whatever Maria Menounos is into, I’m into. Naturally, I was hoping it would be more about nekkid hot oil rubdowns, but fitness and health work okay too I suppose. I’d fake it for Maria.

The Grecian Goddess was in Boston over the weekend at one of those fitness expos where everybody is super amped and the women all wear their hair in buns, as hottie Maria was as she pranced across the stage to promote her own diet and health book out in stores everywhere. Wow, she looks amazing. Not amazing enough for me to work out super hard and stop eating corn nuts, but enough to write her a letter and ask Maria if she’d been my personal trainer so I can finally fit into my prom dress. Okay, the letter needs work. Maria does not. She is ever so perfect. Enjoy.