Sofia Richie’s 1/4 of a Bikini Booty

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Tex Hollywood - March 2, 2020

Lionel Richie's daughter has made the family proud by not going into medical school or engineering, but instead going to Kardashian U. Why get a PhD that can help you change the world, when you can get what matters, social media fame and fortune.

I don't know about you, but I think that's the right choice, especially in this uncertain climate. Why waste your time doing things like education, when you were born set for life and can find fulfilling hobbies in other areas like taking selfies.

I know it would be a waste to lose this one for 4 years or more to Sorority parties and normal coming of age things.

I, for one, believe in selfie as the number one most important creation a person can do, so long as it's an over the shoulder butt shot, even if only 1/4 of the booty is visible.

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