Maria Menounos Fiery Sideboob

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aldo-vallon - October 30, 2017

 Maria Menounos looks ravishing in that dress which is a surprising feat considering it looks like it was made out of the same material as a a fire blanket. It might be necessary in order to contain her hotness. Perhaps that was intentional and is actually made out of a repurposed blanket. With all of the wildfires that have been taking place recently she might be trying to raise awareness. How successful she is in that attempt remains unknown, but I can attest to her ability to raise other things, primarily the front area of my trousers. 

When she gets done with that dress she should have it converted back to a wildfire blanket. That way if a firefighter ever gets in over his head he can, and if the worst case scenario plays out, maybe he can take solace in resting his head against the material that rested against her boobs. By proxy that would be like he was resting his head against her boobs. Not a terrible way to leave this world, if you ask me. Sure beats the alternative of having no boobs to die against.


Photo Credit: Splash News