Liv Tyler

The MSM Sixty-Seconds of Weekly Skin Includes Liv Tyler, Kitten Natividad, and Rachel Weisz (VIDEO)


With so many Hollywood couples splitting up these days, I think it's a good time to rekindle your romance with that special little someone in your life, pop some popcorn, make the couch all cozy comfy, and settle down for some home-viewing of hot fleshy actress skin in cinema, with a roadmap for this certain to be romantic winning plan courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin and the Mr. Skin Minute.

This week's triptych of the skin tips includes Liv Tyler flashing her flesh guns, a video selection to ogle Rachel Weisz at her Bush Hashanah best, and a classic callback to boobtastic legend, Kitten Natividad. Enjoy.

Daytime TV Worth Watching: Liv Tyler and Kelly Ripa On-Camera Upskirts

We've all been through periods in our life when we've check out daytime television. It's called unemployment. (Or, senior year of college and your roommates television he brought from home.) Though, I must admit to being a little rusty on the matters of such daytime gabfests as The View and Live with Regis and Kelly, I'm pretty sure they're like sports, but for women, who like to nod their heads in agreement, and then buy shampoo. But, today, I'm finally taking note of these strangely popular shows thanks to an nice short skirt peek courtesy of veteran sexy Liv Tyler and another flash up and under the skirt from Kelly Ripa. It's amazing to me on all these news and women's coffee klatch shows how all these ladies in short skirts are asked to sit on high stools and sofas and manage to keep their legs crossed for a solid hour. Well, sometimes they don't, thankfully. Enjoy.

Weekend Links

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Diamond Cutters

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Liv Tyler Dares to Bare Once More in The Ledge (VIDEO)



It's been a very long time since the sexy actress and model, all grow'd up now, has bared her topless wonderment on the big screen. A decade and a half to be precise, or 'way too effin' long' to use our less rigid measurement terms here at Egotastic! But, Liv Tyler boobtastic is back. And, delicious as ever. In the movie The Ledge, the offspring of Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell, and now a MILF in her own right, Liv reminds us why we first fell in love with her in Stealing Beauty fifteen years ago (or Aerosmith's Crazy for the diehard Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone schoolgirl lovers among us). Always always lusted her. Enjoy.

Fräulein Infidelity

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Liv Tyler Nipple Pokes Are Worth Peeking

From Purple magazine, Liv Tyler shows us whenceforth floweth the life-sustaining milk.