Celebrate Liv Tyler’s 40th Birthday with Her Sexiest On-Screen Moments

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brian-mcgee - July 1, 2017

Liv Tyler was sexy before her time. From the moment we first laid eyes on her, it was hard to believe that she was as young as she was, and it's pretty undeniable that time has been nothing but kind to her. In fact, as she has aged, she's gotten even sexier!

The lovely Liv is celebrating her 40th birthday today, and what better time to look back on a career filled with countless sexy moments? Enjoy this gallery of pics featuring Liv looking amazing in a number of different movies. The films featured in this gallery include...

The Ledge

Stealing Beauty

Empire Records


One Night at McCools

Jersey Girl


To see even more of Liv, including her four fantastic nude scenes, click over to and fast forward to the good parts!