Liv Tyler Absolutely Still Got It In Sexy Lingerie Spread

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aldo-vallon - October 30, 2018

If I have a body like Liv Tyler’s when I am 41 I will…probably have to wonder what lead me to get a sex change. But Liv Tyler does look stunning. At this point I think it is safe to say she is not going to have the grandma body that her father currently has. I have withheld making that statement up until now because it is sometimes hard to tell those kinds of things. Predicting a man’s premature baldness is pretty easy. Predicting that a woman will take after her rock star father, not so much.

They certainly spared no expense on the wardrobe for this shoot. She has so many costume changes here that I wonder if they had to clear out their local lingerie store, or if Liv simply brought in her own private stock. That would certainly make things simpler; no one needs to worry about the clothes that they have on hand fitting her right, and she does not need to worry about whose cooter was the last one to be in that underwear. I always wonder if anonymous models get skeeved out wondering if the clothes have been wash recently, or if they are just relieved to have a paying gig.



Photo Credit: MEGA