Lisa Opie

Claudia Romani Thong Shower vs Lisa Opie Booty Stretching , Miami Is Full Of Squeezable Gifts

Talk about life’s little pleasures coming in pairs, how about four cheeks of goodness on the beach in Miami, hotties competing for hot bodied attention and making us their happy victims.

First up, Claudia Romani, whose sweet cheeks I am set to marry one day, but for now becoming quite wet and happy beneath an outdoor shower in Miami. My, oh, my how the killer tush inspires, close up, far away, or right down the middle.

Teeing up right behind Claudia is the incredibly hot bodied pageant girl Lisa Opie stretching and working out her top, bottom, and every bit of goodness in betwixt in various forms of revealing Spandex, lest anybody think she’s hiding anything. Nope, all the sextastic parts are showing and they are faptastic.

Naturally, I could never choose between two asstastic sweetheart brunettes with a penchant for exhibition. I am far too weak to make sure inexorably tough decisions. I just sit happily on the park bench with my binoculars watching the birds. They do have some fine bottoms these days. Enjoy.

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Lisa Opie White Bikini and Tight Body Combo Pleases Me and Neptune

Lisa Opie truly is the petite hottie gift that keeps on giving. Several days a week taking her yoga taut little minxy hot body out to the park or beach in a little bikini to share the results of her hard work. How many people do you know who are that giving to the general public? Exactly.

If I have one criticism of Lisa it’s that she has not returned a single one of my letter requesting to be her Aloe Vera boy. She’s got a hint of skin tone, but with that blazing South Florida sun and her proximity to the ocean reflection, I worry for her shoulders and back and coochie coo parts becoming damaged in any way. A good rub of the cactus juice never hurts and would most definitely help me feel better. Aloe is magic. Enjoy.

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Lisa Opie Bikini Thong Petite Sexy Bomb in Miami

My dear, Lisa, welcome back to the Miami Beach competition.

Our lovely little pageant winner Lisa Opie has been busy fine tuning her bikini body with yoga and other mysterious incantation arts in the park preparing for body battle with the bevy of beauties along the sandy South Florida strip. And, might I politely say, her working out is paying off.

Lisa has one of the most epic bikini bodies within the county line. Make that the country line. She holds a candle or something like that to nobody, or is that everybody? The point is, her bikini body is just out of this world, but how I wish, in my boudoir being rubbed gently with aloe to prevent any damage from Mother Sun. Do you see what you do to me, Lisa? You’re simply not playing fair. I’m pretty sure that’s half the fun. Enjoy.

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Lisa Opie, Ana Braga, Alessandra Ambrosio Highlight Hot Girls of Public Yoga Workouts 2014

Yoga’s been a thing for a while now for the good looking ladies among us. But the trend of beach and park yoga and public displays of downward facing dog perfection, that’s an entirely new trend and one we must continue to heavily encourage in the new year.

As for 2014, the yoga exhibitionist market was dominated by the likes of sextastic goodies such as Ana Braga and Lisa Opie and Alessandra Ambrosio who introduced us to the concept of the ancient meditative and muscular arts translated into a modern faptastic setting. Behold some of our favorite yoga poses in public from the past year. See if you don’t feel your chakra swelling with pride. Enjoy.

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Lisa Opie Braless Sideboob Show In Miami Not Just for the Kids

Beauty pageant winner and owner of the place in my heart where flexibly hot yoga girls reside, Lisa Opie, opted for a braless stroll around Miami in the warm December weather and the world may never be the same. Okay, not a tidal shift, but every time a sweet sextastic woman flashes her untethered udders in public, an Egotastic fairy gets its wings.

This whole braless trend really is something that needs more adulation and support, if not blind drooling attention. While I feel for the lingerie and bra makers whose bottom lines might be suffering, the bulk of the ogling gentleman world might delight in the upstairs commando fashion trend that has taken hold among the hot female set. I’m not complaining. I’m too busy leering. Lisa Opie, this is a sweet sideboob treat indeed. Enjoy.

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Lisa Opie Bikini Pictures and Yoga Tricks in Miami

Yoga in the park. It really is the new best thing since blessed stretch pants and Pilates classes in the window of storefronts. Especially when the ancient arts are practiced by the likes of beauty pageant winner Lisa Opie and her stellar flexible bikini body in a Miami Park.

I don’t doubt that this kind of mystical stretching and contorting is absolutely amazing for your body health. I also don’t doubt that I consider touching my toes twice to be the sum total of my daily physical regimen. I leave the serious stuff to the serious hotties willing to assume various suggestive positions for the benefit of gentleman oglers everywhere. Lisa Opie, as your leering yogi in the bushes, I give you four stars, or however they rank such maneuvers. Three goats or such. Enjoy.

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Lisa Opie Bikini Tight Bodied Perfection in Miami

All that yoga isn’t for naught. Beauty pageant winner and minxy hot beach bum Lisa Opie certainly is showing off the results of her daily hard workout routines, which by the way, we don’t have to do and still get most of the benefits. Quite benevolent of this caring young woman who carries her iPhone in her bikini thong as God intended.

The competition for hot female forms on Miami Beach is the most intense I ever remember. The past year along has seen fifty world class beach bodied models and thespianics routinely cruising and preening upon its sands. It’s not for the feint of heart or the not taut of body with perfect cans. I can’t imagine the pressure of that competition, though I can imagine the girls fighting with pillows to determine the winner. In fact, I’m imagining that right now. Oh, yes, that’s nice, girls. Enjoy.