Lisa Opie

Lisa Opie Bikini Pictures and Yoga Tricks in Miami

Yoga in the park. It really is the new best thing since blessed stretch pants and Pilates classes in the window of storefronts. Especially when the ancient arts are practiced by the likes of beauty pageant winner Lisa Opie and her stellar flexible bikini body in a Miami Park.

I don’t doubt that this kind of mystical stretching and contorting is absolutely amazing for your body health. I also don’t doubt that I consider touching my toes twice to be the sum total of my daily physical regimen. I leave the serious stuff to the serious hotties willing to assume various suggestive positions for the benefit of gentleman oglers everywhere. Lisa Opie, as your leering yogi in the bushes, I give you four stars, or however they rank such maneuvers. Three goats or such. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News

Lisa Opie Bikini Tight Bodied Perfection in Miami

All that yoga isn’t for naught. Beauty pageant winner and minxy hot beach bum Lisa Opie certainly is showing off the results of her daily hard workout routines, which by the way, we don’t have to do and still get most of the benefits. Quite benevolent of this caring young woman who carries her iPhone in her bikini thong as God intended.

The competition for hot female forms on Miami Beach is the most intense I ever remember. The past year along has seen fifty world class beach bodied models and thespianics routinely cruising and preening upon its sands. It’s not for the feint of heart or the not taut of body with perfect cans. I can’t imagine the pressure of that competition, though I can imagine the girls fighting with pillows to determine the winner. In fact, I’m imagining that right now. Oh, yes, that’s nice, girls. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Bikini Pictures And Yoga Stretches on the Beach in Miami

This new trend of hot bodied models performing yoga on the beach and parks is perhaps the greatest invention of the year. I don’t suppose Time Magazine will recognize it as such, but Egotastic! is the official record of all things sextastic and seeing hotties like Lisa Opie doing downward facing dog on the sand in her tiny thong is making my chakra tingle.

I wouldn’t advise these kinds of beach moves for everybody. In fact, I’m quite certain I couldn’t attain half these poses even half the way. My elbow now cracks when I reach to fast for my next beer. But for bikini models with exquisite female forms, stretch and twist away, my dear. You’re making the world a much healthier place, one exhausted gentleman ogler at a time. It’s the season of giving! Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Bikini Yoga Stretching All Limber and Sensuous on the Beach in Miami

Just strutting around the beach in Miami isn’t enough for petite hottie Lisa Opie. No, she needs to go and do some dramatic yoga posing putting her lean, taut, and sweetly bottomed bottom in all sorts of dramatically fantasy inducing positions. I’m not saying it would be awesome to be her boyfriend with a menu of such inclined, declined, and bowed position, but I’m guessing it would be something super close to awesome. Okay, now I’m losing my train of thought.

Yoga has been very very good to the gentleman oglers, most especially PDYs, public displays of yoga by the lithesome and limber among our fairer sex. I could watch Lisa Opie upward bow all day long and never grow tired. I suppose she might tire at some point, but sacrifices must be made for the good of the salacious leers. Keep it up, Lisa, the scores are not yet in. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Has a Perfect Bikini Booty and a Blonde Hottie Bikini Buddy

You know how much I adore, worship, and otherwise have an unhealthy addiction to the lovely booty perfect bikini body on Miami Beach model fixture Lisa Opie. Now she’s just teasing harder by bringing along her blonde friend Kristina Sofia and doubling down on the bikini rump time. You throw in a volleyball and I’m as good as gone into my own world of fantasy beach erotica.

The Miami Beach scenes really might be the world’s most competitive bikini body landscape at the moment. You can’t just walk out there in any old bikini with any old body. This is fame and fame costs and right here with your tight little thumper is where you start paying. Well, at least where I start ogling and probably never stop. Keep up the fantastic work, Lisa Opie. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Indulgent Stretching Sextastic Yoga Time in the Park

Where Lisa Opie and her hot little body travel, I will follow. Even to the park for a little yoga and exercising. I won’t join in the hard work, but I will take on the hard job of leering at Lisa in her little booty shorts as she craps, dogs, and scorpions her way into many different alluring and enticing positions that make me jealous of any of her past, current, or future boyfriends.

I once dated a gymnast. And while she specifically declared it was gross to make any connection between the sport and making of the sexy time arrangements, I think we all know that didn’t stop me one bit for asking her to use me like a pommel horse. Men can only get away with so much in this world, so you have to ask when you get the chance. Lisa Opie seems super duper limber. In the very least, she’s going to need a stretching partner. I’m here for you Lisa, in my Fila track suit. Let’s do this. Enjoy.

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