Lisa Opie

Lisa Opie and Stefania Sita Preening Yoga Hot in the Park

Not only is the beach a tough place to show off in Miami, now include the local parks where the resident hottie models are routinely taking their workouts out into the public eye. We do so lust Lisa Opie, and she brought along a friend today, Stefania Sita, the two models determined to raise their dogs upward in the air to feel their chakras flowing and do similar to the blood flow of the gentleman oglers within eyeball distance.

Hey, you don't get a sweet booty and tight bikini body by eating, well, what I eat. You've got to watch the calories and burn, burn, burn, in tight Spandex out in the town square. It's a law or something like that in Miami. I wholeheartedly approve. And make tiny whimpering sounds as Lisa Opie stretches. Like an injured cat in heat. I've been more manly at times. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Bikini Fun Time Is My Time to Leer Happily

Beauty queen Lisa Opie and I have a classic synergistic relationship going on. She likes to strip down to her tiny little stripety bikinis on the beach and roll around, prance, and pose with her booty in the air. For my part, I like to recline my La-Z-Boy and sip slowly on a vegan malt liquor and make squeaky animal sounds. It seems to be working out perfectly, with supplier and ogler existing in perfect natural harmony.

I have to admit, Lisa might be doing most of the work. Her stellar bikini body just looks good in and out of everything she dons along the shore in Miami, willing all men within peeking distance to peek away. Go on, she won't bite. Unless you're the luckiest man in the world. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie’s Bikini Body and I Have an Imaginary Love Affair Going On

I can't help that Lisa Opie and her tantalizing bikini body feel as strongly about my primal urges and I feel for her in regard to giving an all-over body massage without using my hands. This wicked hot brunette beach girl is just motoring out to the beach in Miami routinely with epic bikini female forms that will linger in my libido until I'm well past the age of Moses.

We've been talking for a while now about the competitive landscape along this particular several miles of shoreline. It's like lifting weights at Muscle Beach or playing street ball in Brooklyn. You don't just show up without skills and expect to make a name for yourself. You've got to have the goods. Lisa Opie's goods are so good they're great. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Bikini Pictures Might Just Cause a Hard Attack

It's physically impossible that there could be too much bikini hotness on any one single beach. It's not a logical concept to begin with. But Miami Beach certainly is pressing the upper echelons of just how much any one gentleman ogler can stand in terms of ridiculously hot bikini bodies undressing and prancing and suntanning about. In the very least, the city needs to consider erecting some kind of semi-mobile structures for post-ogling private time. Actually, strike that, that sounds like the setup for some really awful business.

Lisa Opie took her turn dazzling the leering lads today on the sand, complete with shimmying out of shorts and showing off her sweet bikini thumper to mother sun and everybody standing beneath her. Lisa really does have one of the more amazing bodies perma-fixed to the sands of South Florida. I'd like to pin a medal on her, but I can't quite agree with my own self on the best place to stick it. Still mentally mapping. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie and Jessica Weise Bikini Helpers and Photoshoot BFFs

You can't possibly fathom how much I love seeing girls helping each out with their bikinis. I can't believe there's not a wing in the National Gallery dedicated to such an amazing genre. Lisa Opie who we've been lusting in her Miami Beach bikinis since last summer, and newcomer Brazilian babe Jessica Weise were doing such string tying and adjusting for the benefit of each other and ogling beach gentleman for some kind of bikini show on film along the South Florida Beach.

If you're not currently booking travel plans, it might be time to ask yourself, what am I looking at outside my window today? Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Knows How to Use a Bikini to Her Advantage

Adding beauty pageant winner Lisa Opie to our list of semi-regular booties and hot bodies to follow at Miami Beach during year-round bikini season has been quite the thrill. Somewhat unassuming, Lisa is quietly amassing a portfolio of super sweet asstastic delights in her little two piece collections. Her tight little bum is becoming a heavily looked-forward to viewing party here in the Egotastic! offices, and by that, I mean I lock the door and tell everybody I'm on an important call when her photos come around.

Lisa Opie, bless your bottom and bikini goodness. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Bikini Pictures Are Downright Booty-Tight in Miami

Lisa Opie seems like a really good person. And by that I mean she's super hot with a ridiculously fine bikini body and I'd trample over any one of you or your grandmother's just to help her put on some sunscreen if she asked.

The beauty pageant contestant turned model was on the beach in Miami in a little black bikini showing off her 360-degrees of fine views, including a booty that if I close my eyes, I can literally hear calling my name. The problem is I can't close my eyes when leering at Lisa's amazing female form. I just want to cover it in honey and play an extended game of Sticky Bill until somebody with some sense of decency encourages me to get a hold of myself. But, too late, I'll already be clinging to Lisa. Just so fine. Enjoy.