Lisa Opie

Lisa Opie Indulgent Stretching Sextastic Yoga Time in the Park

Where Lisa Opie and her hot little body travel, I will follow. Even to the park for a little yoga and exercising. I won't join in the hard work, but I will take on the hard job of leering at Lisa in her little booty shorts as she craps, dogs, and scorpions her way into many different alluring and enticing positions that make me jealous of any of her past, current, or future boyfriends.

I once dated a gymnast. And while she specifically declared it was gross to make any connection between the sport and making of the sexy time arrangements, I think we all know that didn't stop me one bit for asking her to use me like a pommel horse. Men can only get away with so much in this world, so you have to ask when you get the chance. Lisa Opie seems super duper limber. In the very least, she's going to need a stretching partner. I'm here for you Lisa, in my Fila track suit. Let's do this. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Hot Yoga And Other Fine Things to Ogle

Lisa Opie's sexy yoga pose almost makes me want to do yoga. Almost. (Hollywood Tuna)

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Kate Hudson looks hot as F in a crop top in Women's Health Magazine. (Huffington Post)

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Serena Williams in a bikini is a beautiful sight to behold. (TMZ)

Lisa Opie and Her Bikini Booty Perfection Returns to Miami

What you may not understand is that I openly cry like a girl child when I don't see my favorite sextastic celebrity bodies for any extended period of time. That would be about ten minutes, plus or minus eight. Really, just minus. Being away from the sight of Lisa Opie and her faptastic bikini body, that tight booty of absolute spankable perfection, well, wouldn't any man break down into an infantile state? She's my mid-summer's ice cream cone at the state fair. When that ice cream topples to the ground, I simply can't be soothed.

Lisa, whatever you're doing, please do more of it. This is the time when all good women must sacrifice what they can so that those who will not won't be a complete wet blanket on the gentleman ogling experience. Bless you, Lisa Opie. You're a fine young lady. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie and Ana Braga Bikini Pictures Go Four Hot Cheeks Wide in Miami

I'm not sure how to feel when I see two of my favorite bikini models from Miami joining asstastic forces on the beach for a bikini booty display of tingly proportions. I'm going to choose thankful, followed by elated, quickly followed by exhausted.

Lisa Opie and Ana Braga got together on the beach in their respective thumper baring thong bottoms to show the world of gentleman oglers the true power of the bare sun-drenched bottom. As if we needed any reminder of such power. Still, like spankings from hot girls in leather dominatrix suits, we can never learn our lesson often enough. I mean, that mine be more of my own personal experience. But Lisa and Ana bikini sextastic, that's a universal appeal. Oh, to have these girls strutting around my own private beach, the sand I truck into my bedroom, that is the dream. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Shows Off Her Bikini Curves On Miami Beach

The lovely Lisa Opie was spotted on Miami Beach wearing a ridiculously revealing snakeskin bikini. Lisa has what we in the business call ginormous funbags. There is some pretty spectacular cleavage shots through a see-through spot in her boob valley. She's also got some fairly outstanding long legs that are nicely toned. But I think what really makes this particular set of pictures stand out is how amazing her booty looks. First of all, the bottoms are so small that they give an almost complete view of her pert round derriere. It's pretty much perfect. Like, it belongs in the booty hall of fame. I know that isn't something that actually exists but it should. Maybe I'll start a Kickstarter campaign to open one and Lisa will be in the first group of inductees along with Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

Where are the Lisa Opies whenever I go to Miami Beach? All I see when I'm there is old retirees and my middle-aged Cuban relatives. Maybe I'm going to the wrong beach?

Lisa Opie Bikini Asstastic Wild and Scorpion Yoga Hot in the Park

There has been an explosion of hot arse in Miami that won't be spotted by any satellite or drone, but be assured, this combustion has occurred this past week. So much fine derriere, I want to retrieve my old Ass Inspector license from my teen days and pick up my official duties once more. Perhaps it's fitting, perfectly fitting, that we wind up the week on a Friday with the bikini clad thumper of Lisa Opie, a regular hot body contestant on the Egotastic! wheel of South Beach lust.

Lisa felt a little top and bikini bottom was the perfect wardrobe for stretching, preening, and scorpion positions in the park and I have to agree with her fashion decisions. Holy hotness, Batman! If yoga was more of this, and less of sweaty dudes with stinking feet talking about their colons, I'd go more often. In fact, I'd go daily just to watch Lisa Opie do her yoga. I do believe I can get fit just leering. I know I can raise my heart rate. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Bikini Pictures Bootylicious, Body Hot, and All Around Beachy Sweet

Oh, how excited do I get when Lisa Opie hits the beach in one of her perfectly fitting bikinis? In case you cared about the actual answer, it's an immense quantity. The former beauty pageant queen and current model and Miami Beach sextastic bikini figure always manages to stroll and strut with utter perfection along the sandy shores of South Florida. Her booty, a constant reminder that someday I need to get a real job if I'm ever to be a carresser as opposed to an ogler.

Lisa Opie, I will make you a deal. you keep on flashing your thong uncovered booty, and I will keep salivating. Nature requires order to thrive. Let us thrive together in this eco-friendly manner. Enjoy.