Bikini Designer Lisa Opie Spotted In A Sexy Thong

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aldo-vallon - October 4, 2018

How difficult is it for Lisa Opie to design swimsuits when so few women have bodies like hers? She is certainly in the top percentage when it comes to fitness, so how does she make sure that the bikini she is designing is going to look as good on an average or, dare I say, below average body?

Let’s face it, obviously hot women can get away with wearing some ridiculous garb because they look so good they actually have the ability to make other things look better, like a sexy Sith lord. But throw those same clothes on a less attractive woman and she will be going solo to the school prom. The bikini she has on here is hardly anything special, but seeing it riding up high on those hips makes it into a work of art.

I bet Lisa has to hire uglier models to serve as testers for her new bikinis. That way she gets a baseline for what they will look like in the real world. That is great for the economy as well because these ugly models are likely under employed, so putting them to work is a great bonus.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA