Lisa Opie’s Sextastic Bikini Fun Time

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bill-swift - April 20, 2017

It remains unclear if Lisa Opie has a day job. If it truly is looking hella sextastic on the beach in Miami in various shades of bikini exhibition, then she's found the best job ever. Both for her and for us. I could watch Lisa's ridiculously hot pageant winning body all day long. I often do.

While the Miami beach scene has slowed down with visitors a tad as Spring Break weeks have come to an end, that leaves more leering time for the South Florida regulars. The transplants and homegrown who realize hot bikini body isn't seasonal, it's 365 days a year. That means a rigid diet, working out, and lots of preening in picture perfect bikinis. Somebody has to fulfill this role, blessed are the likes of Lisa Opie who provide the ogling gentleman with their daily fix. I was going to say "fill" but I think we all know it's impossible to ever get enough. Oh, those lady curves. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Fame Flynet