Paris Hilton’s Amazing Boots To Protect from Coronavirus!

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Tex Hollywood - March 19, 2020

I realize that we are in a state of emergency, or at least in a state of uncertainty, making all this celebrity content a nice distraction, even if in the grand scheme of things we've got our own problems to deal with.

But it is nice to see that Paris Hilton is sensitive to the current climate from her mansion, so sensitive that she's posting half naked pictures of herself in a hot boot and one-piece like she wasn't pushing 40 because she doesn't look like she's pushing 40. She's managed to preserve herself nicely over the years, especially based on all the partying she's done.

Maybe for that reason alone, the fact she's defied all odds and is still hot all these years later, so she doesn't fear the Coronavirus or the backlash from the fans mad she's trying to sell Paris Hilton products on her social media, in a time where people can't figure out how to buy food!!

I personally appreciate the effort, the more sexy pics the girls take of themselves, the more entertained I am!!

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