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READER FINDS: Miranda Kerr Topless, Joey Fisher Topless, Kylie Minogue Topless, All Double Wows, And Much Much More…

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Indeed, we have reached that beloved day of the week when we ring the bells, bang the gongs, and turn on the AC/DC theme music for the opening of the weekly Reader Finds email bag. It’s hard to imagine there once was a time when such goodies were delivered by Mr. Shankantovich, the guy who pretended to be a member of the U.S. post office for years until we realized he was just stealing our mail and re-delivering it to us and asking for tips. Silly man. He made a bundle.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the blessedly hot and much missed Brooklyn Decker and her stellar bikini body (thanks to EgoReader ‘Genuine’), Miranda Kerr nekkid classic modeling in black and white (rich funbag classics from ‘Rich R.’), Camilla Luddington bikini candid (much two piece goodness from ‘Billy’), Cindy Morgan and her classic perfect ta’s from Caddyshack (a throwback delight via ‘Epison’), pierced model Daisy Hoffstetter and her sweet boobtastic, Eniko Mihalik mind numbing mammaries, and Michelle Rodriguez see-through on the red carpet (contributing prodigiously by ‘David M.’), underrated 80′s sweetie Darlanne Fluegel skinematics (put forth by ‘Peter O.’), Daryl Hannah another righteous 80′s screen cockle warmer and Diane Franklin rich ripe peaches to boot (double kindly contributed by ‘Stephen W.’), Joey Fisher topless lapdancing in Anarchy Parlor (munchables from heaven via ‘Scott’), Kendall Jenner bikini crotchety frames from vine vid (caught eagle eyed by ‘Coolio’), and sister Kylie Jenner hint o’ nipple piercing (scouted expertly by ‘Eli’ and ‘Matthew’), Kylie Minogue topless in classic skinematics (oh, my Kylie melons, kudos to ‘Evan A.’), Linda Blair topless goodies as well (throwdown of the perfect classic film ta-ta’s by ‘Devon’), which leads to Melanie Griffith and her sweet reveals (dazzling, just dazzling duets via ‘Jiminy’), Noomi Rapace and Lena Endre lesbionic topless romantics (sweet girl girl ta-ta wonderments provided by ‘Renee’), Sophie Marceau and her perfect French twins (oh, this is quite a sight, thanks ‘Anton’), and last but not least, another day, another concert by Tove Lo flashing her Nordic boobtastic for peace and freedom (submitted thoughtfully by a number of Egotastic! readers). I dare you to work your way through here and not fall deeply and madly in lust. I double dare you. Enjoy.

Kylie Minogue Brings The Hotness And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Kylie Minogue uses her Instagram powers for sexy ends. (COED)

Nicole Scherzinger sports a tight dress with lots and lots of cleavage. (TMZ)

Angelica Kenova, the human Barbie, is freakin’ hot, yo. (Huffington Post)

Abigail Ratchford Instagrams some righteous underboob. (The Superficial)

Jennifer Lopez shows off her bare mid-riff while getting glitter bombed. (Dlisted)

Lindsey Pelas playing golf in a bikini. (Busted Coverage)

Bras are for quitters. (The Chive)

Kylie Minogue Lingerie Treats and Veteran Peeks for Calendar Duty Well Into the Year

Better late than never. That’s either my motto or it ought to be given how tardy I tend to be on most things in life. But when EgoReader ‘Jason’ shares photos of Kylie Minogue all forties and faptastic in her 2015 Calendar shoots, well, I’m willing to pretend the new year just started. Just as much as I’m prepared to pretend Kylie Minogue is knocking on my door and inquiring if she could possible teach me to be a better lover. Pretend is half or more of what I got.

The veteran hottie pop diva continues to provide stunning visuals of the sextastic variety now really twenty-five years into full stardom and sex symbol duty. It’s quite spectacular how she continues to provide the tingles after all these years. Oh, maybe she needs some friendly lighting and such, but don’t think I wouldn’t set up those spots exactly as she asked to for the purposes of looking even more amazing as our love making lessons began. I’d rent. I am still afraid of commitment. Kylie, you are spectacular. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Kylie Minogue Calendar

Kylie Minogue Veteran Hotness Pimping the Lingerie

Kylie Minogue has been providing visual treats for the male of the species for so long now it’s almost hard to put into numbers. Sure, she’s also made some music and done some shows and movies and theatrical stuff as well, but it’s her hot blonde teasy goodness through the years that has made this sextastic Aussie a standout in the tingly feelings delivered all-time category.

In her latest incarnation, Kylie is hot body pimping Sloggi lingerie, which seems like lingerie for grown up women, sextastic grown up women, who want to feel and look alluring to their mates or just the passing gentleman ogler such as myself. It works. Will you see some of these young V.S. models still pulling off lingerie photoshoots with such passion inducing aplomb in twenty-five more years? I do not know. I do know at 46 I’d still love to whisk Kylie away to a log cabin in the woods filled only with lingerie and perhaps some chamomile tea. We won’t be needing the tea. Enjoy.

Check Out the Behind the Scenes Video »

Kylie Minogue Flashes Her Black Underwear on Tour in Madrid

The always sexy Kylie Minogue gave her audience a peek at her black panties at a show in Madrid. Kylie likes to wear incredibly short skirts when she’s performing, (and when she’s not too). She then dances around a lot during her shows. It doesn’t take a genius to calculate the probability of seeing a flash of some underwear is about 100%. Then again, that’s probably the point. Kylie still looks amazing for someone who has been a hotness staple for over 20 years. I remember ogling her in scantily clad outfits in the early 90′s. Most people who were around back then aren’t so attractive these days. But Kylie is. I imagine that there will be many more years of Kylie flashing people her underwear in our future.

Those people in the crowd better have appreciated Kylie baring her undercarriage to them. Not bad for the price of admission.

Kylie Minogue Killer Legs in Concert, Such a Veteran Hottie

It’s almost too high a number to count the years Kylie Minogue has been giving boys and men impure thoughts with her showy concert and music video performances. She manages to do the exhibitionist thing while still remaining classy, a fine art lost indeed in the modern pop diva world.

Kylie definitely upped her Forties and Faptastic street cred with a hot leggy stage show in the Old World, showing off some killer stems that men have imagined being wrapped around their waists for two plus decades now. That might seem crude, but it’s really just brutally honest. Like Kylie is honestly hot. She often gets overlooked on mature ladies sextastic lists. But I assure you, I dream about her as regularly now as I did back in the ‘quit knocking, I’m going to the bathroom’ days of locked lavatory doors and annoying siblings. Kylie, you are a dream. Enjoy.

Kylie Minogue Gives One Sexy Performance In Liverpool

The eternally sexy Kylie Minogue gave a performance at the Liverpool Echo Arena that got everyone excited in their swimsuit areas. Kylie wore this red bustier dress thing with a short skirt. Like, really short. Whenever she would twirl around or bend over you could see her panties. Now that’s the mark of a great entertainer. Giving the audience what they want. Kylie has a pretty spectacular pair of legs. They are long and lean and have been making my captain excited since I was in high school. There is also some lovely cleavage as well in her tight red dress. Kylie has an amazing rack. One of the things that I like about Kylie is that she often forgets to wear a bra. This is a good character trait in hot women.

I honestly couldn’t tell you a Kylie Minogue song other than that one from the 90′s. But I could identify her legs and ta-tas anywhere.