Kylie Minogue Killer Legs in Concert, Such a Veteran Hottie

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bill-swift - October 9, 2014

It's almost too high a number to count the years Kylie Minogue has been giving boys and men impure thoughts with her showy concert and music video performances. She manages to do the exhibitionist thing while still remaining classy, a fine art lost indeed in the modern pop diva world.

Kylie definitely upped her Forties and Faptastic street cred with a hot leggy stage show in the Old World, showing off some killer stems that men have imagined being wrapped around their waists for two plus decades now. That might seem crude, but it's really just brutally honest. Like Kylie is honestly hot. She often gets overlooked on mature ladies sextastic lists. But I assure you, I dream about her as regularly now as I did back in the 'quit knocking, I'm going to the bathroom' days of locked lavatory doors and annoying siblings. Kylie, you are a dream. Enjoy.