Australian Star Kylie Minogue Steps Out Wearing A Sultry Little Slip Dress

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elliot-wolf - July 1, 2018

Kylie Minogue’s decision to wear a slip on dress leaves me no choice but to slip and fall in love with her. If we were to ever meet she will not be allowed to slip past me with me being able to proclaim my love to her. My hope is that after she hears what I have to say she’ll just slide right into my arms. I have to come up with a plan to accidentally run into her on purpose. I see she enjoys eating like most people. Which is a good sign because anyone who visits a restaurant for anything other than a little nourishment may be a little weird.

I’ve always wanted to visit Australia. It seems like I have a reason to now. A very beautiful reason. I’m used to roughing it in less than ideal situations, so camping and managing to keep her safe from hungry-for-human crocodiles would make her realize I’m the hero she needs. As well as safety, I can also provide her with amazing compliments every hour, on the hour. I won’t stop telling her how great she looks until she agrees to be completely smitten with me.

Photo Credit: Splash News