Kylie Minogue Flashes Her Black Underwear on Tour in Madrid

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bill-swift - October 16, 2014

The always sexy Kylie Minogue gave her audience a peek at her black panties at a show in Madrid. Kylie likes to wear incredibly short skirts when she's performing, (and when she's not too). She then dances around a lot during her shows. It doesn't take a genius to calculate the probability of seeing a flash of some underwear is about 100%. Then again, that's probably the point. Kylie still looks amazing for someone who has been a hotness staple for over 20 years. I remember ogling her in scantily clad outfits in the early 90's. Most people who were around back then aren't so attractive these days. But Kylie is. I imagine that there will be many more years of Kylie flashing people her underwear in our future.

Those people in the crowd better have appreciated Kylie baring her undercarriage to them. Not bad for the price of admission.